Baby E’s 1st Immunisation

Baby E had her 1st immunisation on 25 November 2013, Monday in the Shaganappi Community Health Centre, Calgary, AB. She was 11 weeks and 2 days old that day. We woke up early that morning, I made sure she was well-fed, changed her diaper, and also put on the beautiful wool dress that Grandma bought for her to keep her warm from the cold.

There were altogether 3 jabs given to her muscular thighs by the registered nurse, Linda. The 3 vaccines given were:

  1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio
  2. Meningococcal Conjugate
  3. Pneumococcal Conjugate

When the 1st jab was given, she cried out in pain so loudly it hurt my heart. Linda did not waste any time, and administered the other 2 jabs quickly, one after the other in a confident and steady manner. By then, baby E was crying so miserably, it pains me even now as I recalled the event…

The first 2 jabs were given on her left thigh, while the last, most stinging jab (according to Linda) was given into her right thigh. They must have hurt so bad… although we were assured that she won’t remember the pain soon after… and that must have been true! because baby E stopped crying when I comforted her by cuddling and patting her to calm her down. Linda said she settled down so fast and even praised her! I am intensely humbled by the fact that a fragile human being needed me and could be comforted by me in such a tender manner… I love her so much…

Elizabeth, if you are reading this post (probably 18 years from now)… Mommy is so proud of you! And you know what? you just cried for Mommy and right now, you are dozing off on my left shoulder as I rock you to sleep… Adorable!! Awwwww… I could look at you forever!

P.S.: This was you after the jabs! Cheery girl, you are my sunshine!
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