Last Saturday, 07 December 2013, was Elizabeth’s 3-month birthday. We were very blessed to be able to celebrate with our Canadian friends Gary and Julia Wilson, and their very adorable children – Lala (5 yo), Coco (3 yo) and Tyler (2yo).

According to Julia, it was the second time after their marriage that Gary made Mexican taco chips, topped with olives, tomatoes, cheese and spring onion. They came with a bean salsa and sour cream on the side. It was a lovely and tasty snack for us. After the supper, Julia also brought out home-baked cookies in various shapes after the Christmas season such as candy cane, crown, Christmas tree, star, etc. And did I mention? They were sugar-free! Yet, they were really delicious! Perhaps the cinnamon dusting atop the cookies did the trick!

We came to know this lovely family when we bought over Irene’s Ford Focus. Irene is Gary’s mother and she is well into her 80’s. In fact, it was her age and her mild dementia that warranted her to give up driving eventually. She is a very graceful and beautiful lady. I love her.

Praise be to the LORD whom granted our paths to cross while we are here in Calgary. I feel uber-blessed to have met this family and be blessed by them.

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