Footprints in the Snow

It has been about a year since we last set foot on Calgary ground, or should I say, since we last imprinted our footprints in Calgary snow? J and I came to Calgary on 23 January 2013, in the mid-winter period and experienced a drastic change in temperatures from a +30ºC sunny Singapore to a -24ºC wintery Calgary on that day when we first landed in Canada.

Looking back, I was 7 weeks pregnant when we first arrived after a grueling 25 hour travel from Singapore – Tokyo – Calgary. With morning sickness, the frigid Canadian weather that greeted us didn’t help, I was incredibly homesick and realised how much of a spoilt Singaporean I was. I missed the warmth, the accessibility and convenience, friends & family, and the variety of food – cheap good food that Singapore offers year round!

Now, baby Elizabeth is already 3 months old! and we have come full circle, back in winter wonderland! Having spent this long in Calgary, we have experienced a tremendous number of blessings from the LORD. From weathering all four seasons in beautiful Canada, admiring how nature and each landscape transforms itself as the seasons change, to experiencing a joyful pregnancy and child-birth in a foreign land where healthcare is free yet competent, and to all the diurnal special little moments… Throughout all these, God has been faithful. I have learnt to rely on Him whose grace is ever sufficient, and whose love is ever abounding. My heart is filled with thanksgiving.

As Christmas approaches, may I meditate upon it’s real meaning amidst all the glittery lights and shimmery decorations, may our celebrations be filled with joy and wonder at the fullness of what it truly means.

Dear LORD, from whom all blessings flow
Most precious gifts dost Thou bestow
So truly faithful may I be
As Thou art gracious unto me.

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