The Wilsons & The Chos


The Wilsons

This afternoon, we went to the Wilsons’ to pick up a whole box of fine winter clothes that their girls Lala and Coco have outgrown. It was very kind of them to give them to us upon knowing that we will be heading to Lake Louise for my birthday and to celebrate an early white Christmas there at The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

In spite of the cold forecast over Lake Louise (between -21ºC to -30ºC the day we will arrive), J and I are eagerly looking forward to the trip for all the excitement that it brings considering the many winter activities that the chateau offers during this time of the year. E.g. sleigh rides, snowshoe ventures into the winter forest, dog-sledding, icefall expedition, snowmobiling, ice-skating on the frozen Lake Louise itself, etc. Man! I can imagine how wonderful it will be to ice-skate on the world’s most beautiful ice rink – the massive Victoria Glacier and snow frosted Rocky Mountains provide a backdrop worthy of Broadway for skating on the frozen Lake Louise. I must be dreaming…? With baby E in tow, I supposed I will not be able to do all of these. BUT, I’ll definitely rent the ice skates to twirl around the lake, even if it’s only for 10 minutes…. ok, 5 minutes.

We are very thankful to cross paths with the Wilsons. They have been nothing but blessings to us since we arrived. We are still driving the trusted Ford Focus from them, not to mention the many hand-me-downs they have given to us so graciously. Also, if you can spot in the picture, a bag of cinnamon sugar-free Christmas angel cookies that Julie baked for us despite being swamped with preparations for Lala’s ballet recital today!

The Chos

This evening, we turned up as invited guests at the Chos’ beautiful residence along Strathlea Place within the Strathcona community in southwest Calgary. As J drove along the slush roads within the district, we saw so many snow-covered houses adorned with splendid Christmas lights and decorations that drew my breath away. I felt like we were in one of those white Christmasy movies…

Roger and Pauline were brilliant hosts, along with their 9 yo daughter Hannah, who showered such tender loving care upon baby E. They made hot pot for a shabu-shabu dinner, featuring thinly sliced beef, lamb and pork, served with scallops, tiger prawns, tofu, squid and vegetables, dipped into various mouth-watering dipping sauces that we made ourselves over the kitchen counter. The dinner was sumptuous, and ended with an “over the top” sweet lemon tart, which my sweet tooth has no complains about!

During and after dinner, we engaged in the usual table talk circling around neurosurgeons and orthopaedics, as well as work ethics, and also our plans for Christmas and the coming New Year. Ironically, Dr Roger will be on call during the Christmas week, while the New Year’s week will be J’s turn. We can only pray that everyone will be wise during this season of holiday cheer, and not drink-drive especially when the roads are not in their best conditions during winter. May the hospital calls be light, not having too many emergency cases that entail surgical interventions.

God bless.

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