Days leading up to our very 1st White Christmas

Is Santa Coming? on 18 December 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada

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How time flies?! Baby Elizabeth is already 3 months old, and has reached a new milestone in her growth – Sitting with minimal support, excellent head control, and weighing 6 kg (doubled her birth weight)!

She is getting incredibly adorable and irresistibly delightful these days! Awww… how we adore her!

Late Morning Walk at Eau Claire on 15 December 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada

We woke up to a very beautiful sunny day, hence we decided to go for a walk along the Bow River as a family. We came to the iconic Peace Bridge near Eau Claire, within the Prince’s Island Park of Calgary. Beneath it floweth the icy cold waters of the Bow River which carries with it blocks of chipped ice. It was very serene and somewhat surreal to me… to be here in Calgary, near the end of Fall, but feels like it was Spring. It brought back fond memories of the wonderful days of Spring we spent here about half a year ago, in May… when baby E was still in my womb…

Winter Snapshots of an Impending White Christmas on 13 December 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada

Love stepping out onto our balcony that is mounted on the 21st floor of the apartment we reside in. Love the cool breeze on my skin. Love the white snow melting instantly under my feet. Love the views of the Canadian Rockies, be it pink, as coloured by the rising sun in the morning; white, as reflected by the glaring sun in the afternoon; or orange, as the glowy sun casts its coral hue on them as it sets in the evening. We will come visit you very soon… Can’t wait to be in your midst once again!

I will speak of the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and I will meditate on Your wonderful works. (Psalm 145:5)

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