Airdrie Festival of Lights 2013

For the past few days, even before my birthday, J told me he would bring me to a special place, but I would have to wait till we come back from the Rocky Mountains. True enough, the same day we returned to Calgary, off we went again out of our home city, to Airdrie. To the Festival of Lights held in Nose Creek Park!

Airdrie Festival of Lights

The Airdrie Festival of Lights shines every night from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm throughout the month of December. Glowing magically for its 18th year, the Festival is a non-profit event, supported by visitor donations, revenue from miniature train tickets ($2 per pax) and corporate and community sponsors and volunteers. It is a once in a lifetime experience for us to be part of this beautiful and spectacular outdoor display of hundreds of Christmas-themed sculptures, that are made from more than 120,000 individual light bulbs of multiple colours. There were also 2 scintillatingly-decorated miniature trains that take visitors for wintry rides through the snow-covered pavements to enjoy the twinkling views to boot! Although it wasn’t snowing tonight, and we were adequately dressed for the -1ºC, we were still chilled to the bones! Thank God for $2 hot chocolates and bonfires were on-site to warm us up in the freezing cold sunless outdoor temperatures!

Due to the long ride home from Banff earlier this afternoon, plus the 45 min drive to Airdrie from our home, we must have stretched baby E’s patience beyond measure. Poor girl cried so miserably on the way there, while being strapped tight into her infant car seat. The road to Airdrie was just too dangerous to risk hoisting baby E out of her safety car seat to comfort her, for there was a long stretch of road that has zero street lights and no lane markings. We pulled over at Cross Iron Mills just to cajole her as I tried to feed her and lull her to sleep. But our efforts were to no avail. Noting that 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm is her usual cranky time when she’s trying to fall asleep, we figured it would be further to drive home then, hence, we decided to proceed to Airdrie which was just less than 10 minutes away. And were we blessed! Once we reached Nose Creek Park amidst the crowd of chillaxed locals, baby E fell asleep after we started strolling her in her cozy blanket-lined pram.

As true blue Singaporeans who are foodies, the first thought was to look for food! There were food trucks selling street food like pulled pork buns, chilli cheese dogs, poutine fries, donuts, etc. Never mind the queues were long, we were famished and needed to fuel up S.T.A.T.! The BBQ pulled pork I had was perfectly sweet and savoury, struggling to be sandwiched between 2 fluffiest buns I have ever had. I secretly pondered if the excessive portion of saucy pulled pork was meant to make its devourer impossible to eat it without making a mess. Same goes with J’s mouth-watering chilli cheese dog! That dog was huge and really yummy!

Although baby E slept through the whole show, we know one day when we look back at these pictures together, she will comprehend how much we love her.


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