Our Pearls on the String of Life


Although the snow is whipping on the window with great velocity, I can see the sun shining at its usual best behind the thick veil. Approximately 2 months have passed us without having a heater. Nonetheless, we have been kept toasty-warm by our fireplace. We thank God for His faithful provision and for giving us a mild wintry weather for the weeks leading up to our departure.

Even when J was busy at work, I had the opportunity to take baby E for long walks in the Spruce community. As I did so, I took snapshots of the neighbourhood, to remind myself of where we have once lived and thrived before. This piece of memory will forever be cherished in my heart, because this is where baby E was born. Her first home, her first trip to the library, getting her first Canadian library card, and her manifold firsts… here in Calgary.

We spent much time packing for the Good Will Donation Centre today. Beholding the 6 bags of loot, we realised how blessed we have been to be given so much. Now it’s our turn to bless others with these gifts and hand-me-downs. Toys, clothes, baby essentials, etc. May the LORD bless the previous givers as well as the future receivers of these items.

Charity loot

This may also be our last weekend having our car, to still be able to cruise around, to enjoy the beauty of nature found dotting and lacing the city of Calgary ever so elegantly. The Bow River meandering through the city, carrying with it icy sheets of snow atop its flowy surfaces; Black-billed magpies hopping in the snow-covered fields that were once carpeted in green grassy hues; Beautiful Chinook arches sprawled across the skies over Calgary, etc.

We’ll be so missing you Calgary, AB, Canada.

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