Rolling ol’ times

Quote on good friends

It has been approximately 20 years. Oh my! That’s how long it was since many of us last saw each other! The upcoming 20-year reunion, I reckoned, is so going to be a blast! No matter how each of us have evolved over the years, those sweet innocent memories of each other, of the good ol’ rolling times of the 80’s born children, of our Parry Primary School, etc. will always reconcile our various differences and strengthen the friendship between us – much akin to the multiple award-winning TV series “Band of Brothers” (and sisters), not that we have fought any war together, but that we still hold a part of each other in our memories till now.

Now that we have all become old girls and boys, each fulfilling our call in the vocation we have been placed in, and very much scattered everywhere on the surface of earth, the power of social media roped us back together once again. Be it Facebook or Whatsapp, everyone is connected to each other even though there remains the effect of major time differences among the many parts of the world we are in.

Primary school class photos collage

At present, most of us are currently in Singapore. Carol is in Shanghai, China; Renee is in Hong Kong (both of which are in the same time zone as Singapore); Mery and Vitri are both in Sydney, Australia (3 hrs ahead),  Vi Gundama and I are both in Canada, Vi in Surrey, British Columbia (16 hrs behind) while I am in Calgary, Alberta (15 hrs behind). Nonetheless, the same sun rises over us each passing day. Although we are living our lives apart from each other now, it is this considerable wedge of memory that we share, that draws us back into this circle of friendship.

Precious Childhood Friends

Birthday celebrations

As photos were shared online, I had the impulse to capture them and eternalise it here on my blog for the sake of remembrance.

Old times

Playing “Dorothy” in Wizard of Oz

Came across this photo of which I have absolutely no recollection where I played “Dorothy” and was carrying a softie as “Toto”, Wini played “Tinman”, Guoming played “Lion” and hmmm… The scarecrow… I can’t recall his name… I think Carol played “The Wizard”. After this photo resurfaced did I realise I was made to play “Dorothy” more than once. So that was my first time playing “Dorothy” in 1992 when I was 10 yo.

Wizard of Oz

The second time I played “Dorothy” was in 2012, which was incidentally 20 yrs later! I was involved in my church’s Mother’s Day celebration event where my church mates and I acted in “WoZ The Road Less Travelled” play. Of course, with the passage of time, costumes became more elaborate too!? HahaHa! I was in a gingham pinafore dress and signature red shoes that Dorothy wore; Grace who played the Scarecrow had straw in her hat and shirt as well; Linus the Tinman really looked metallic didn’t he? And Timothy the Lion had his theatrical make-up done by Rachel Tan, which was so impressive.

The following were a couple of snapshots during one of our many play rehearsals in church. Those times were really fun!


Now that we are all grown up, many of us wished we could turn back the clock and return to those childhood days, just so we could linger there a while longer. There are some friendships that we remember forever. They are the ones that were formed when we were children. We don’t ask ourselves complicated questions such as whether we have enough in common, it was more than enough to know that we were two kids and there was playing to be done!

Mark Twain quote on friends

I thank God for each one of them and may God bless them all with His everlasting grace and love.

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