Blissful Weather

After the cold snap last Monday, temperatures have started to warm up here in Calgary. Today, at it’s maximum temperature of 7ºC, the sky is crystal clear and the air is very calm, with not a breath of breeze stirring. We have a few more hot days in store, with the coming Saturday speculated to have a max of 12ºC.

It sure feels like the early phases of autumn again. To reap the benefit of the blissful weather, we are back into doing long walks and frequenting the library daily. Since the Calgary Public Library allows us to borrow up to 99 books at any one time, baby E has no qualms about being bored at home should the weather take a sudden turn for the worse. After all, we are in Calgary! where freak weather occurs occasionally, with a snow storm that transforms into a sunny day in 10 min flat, albeit very unlikely for this entire week, leading up to our departure.

Library books for baby E

I am thankful that the erratic freezing temperatures are kept at bay. The usual pattern of freeze-and-thaw would normally set a long lasting base of densely packed snow that should stick around well into the springtime months. It poses too many hazards for pedestrians and road users alike, especially at its most extreme ends, where slippery-skiddy black ice or soggy-mushy slush pave the roads and sidewalks.

Black ice and slush

Tonight, as we spend time counting the blessings that God has so graciously given to us, the sun sets beneath just enough clouds in the southwestern sky to make for a breathtakingly beautiful sunset that is rendered splendidly colourful by the various shades of hues projected across the entire skyline visible to the eye.


The LORD be blessed.

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