Last Errands

We sold our Ford Focus today. While J got it settled early this morning, baby E and I were still snoozing in bed. The 2007 Ford had served us well this past year, bringing us to Banff so many times with either all-season or winter tires. We bought it for CAD$6K and sold it for CAD$4.8K. To us, it was not a bad deal!

After J came home from his hectic morning, we took the C-train to town to close our CAD bank account, cancel J’s phone line, and cancel the car plate’s registration at the Urban Registry. This is the place where it all started, and ends.

Lunch at Devonian Gardens

We had a quick lunch at the Devonian Gardens Food Court, for remembrance. J still remembered that my appetite was so poor when we last came here while I was pregnant early last year. This time, I got to have a cupcake from Buttercream Bake Shoppe! I chose to have the red velvet with cream cheese topping. Yums! J and I finished it in less than 1 min! Lol!

Red Velvet cupcake from Buttercream

We were just so happy tracing back the footsteps we previously left behind in Downtown Calgary, reminiscing our first experience of being a Calgarian. Baby E was still in my womb back then. Now, she’s in the pram strolling with us along the same paths we once trod on.

This evening, I took baby E for a 2 hr walk and jog around the Spruce community, I took some pictures of the places we walked past, to help me remember how this safe community was once like.

Heaps of snow and ice meet their doom as snow ploughs removed them from the pavements and piled them high by the roadside, relying on the heat of the sun to melt them down to nothing.

As the sun sets, a beautiful pinkish blue painted the skies above us. What a great day we had. What an awesome sunset to end the day.


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