Last Weekend in Calgary – Saturday

Sunrise (cloudless)

Early this morning when I woke up with baby E still in my arms, I saw J in our balcony with his iPhone, taking a panoramic picture of the sunrise. Today is our very last Saturday in Calgary. We are very thankful that God gave us a sunrise that was spectacularly captivating. J captured both the rising sun and the setting moon in the same picture, that is made more exquisite by the beautiful tones of colors in between. We spent a long time watching the sunrise on our balcony, soaking up all it’s beauty, while also admiring and praising the Creator.

The Wilsons

We took a cab to the Wilson’s to pay them a last home visit and to hand over the box of baby winter clothes they had borrowed us in December. We also gave Lala, Coco and Tyler a gift each, plus some home-baked royal shortbreads to Gary and Julie. What a blessing they have been to us. Such humble, generous and lovely people they are. It is an honour to be their friends, truly. For there is no contention to be found in them, just genuine grace and love. It was heartbreakingly difficult to say farewell to them. We could only pray that we can meet again, either back here in Calgary or perhaps in Singapore, if they happen to drop by for a visit. By that time, our children would have grown up!

The cab took us back to Spruce Cliff, where we came home to have a quick feed, diaper change, prep the pram, then off we went to 69 street to meet the Chans. It was our first time visiting Haru Sushi Bar in this part of the city. The stall, nestled in the Springborough community is very near the Ambrose University College. Run by true-blue Japanese from chefs to the waiting staff, this joint serves up a smorgasbord of authentically delicious Japanese fare. We thoroughly enjoyed the hearty lunch and chatted till the lunch crowd cleared and the stall closed for the staff to rest before their dinner patrons start coming in.

The Chans

Philip and Adeline are great friends to have in Calgary. Being the President of the MSBCA* in Calgary, Adeline is a very busy and dedicated lady, full of grace and generosity with a very supportive and equally benevolent husband to boot. Philip, who is also the Secretary of MSBCA, is a very nice gentleman, full of meekness and wisdom. Together, they run MSBCA as a part of an outreach ministry for their members as well as non-members to gather, not merely through awesome Asian food events, social and sporting events, they also use the compound of MSBCA to conduct weekly Alpha courses which seek to introduce the basics of the Christian faith to interested people.

Besides loving us like we were part of their family, Philip and Adeline also took great care of our parents when they were here in Calgary from September to November 2013. In fact, they have became such good friends now and are keeping in touch with each other! Last we heard, Adeline from Canada called Mum in Penang during Christmas just to catch up on what they have missed and to bless each other for the season where Christ the LORD is the focus.

Philip and Adeline

We took the train back home. hand-in-hand, with my right hand strolling the pram, and my left hand in J’s. As we walked towards our giant condominium, we just had to stop, in order to take a photo for remembrance. Especially when the sky was so clear, with its cerulean blue transitioning to cyan, it provided a perfect backdrop for the property that we have stayed in for the last 1 year.

Condo Giant

Chinook Arches

That evening, I took baby E out for a long walk again. We were blessed to be able to capture an awesome Chinook Arch that resembled fiery smoke in the sky as the sun sets, lending a crimson stain on the billowing rolls of clouds that filled the night sky at twilight.

Chinook Arch

God bless Canada.

*MSBCA is the abbreviation for the Malaysian Singaporean and Bruneian Community Association. A non-profit organization formed in 1989 to foster kinsmenship amongst residents primarily in Calgary with heritage from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, MSBCA is an active social-cultural club that organises a variety of interesting events for its members.

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