Last Weekend in Calgary – Sunday

Sunrise Sunday

This morning, we were awed by the cloudless sky that delivered a very pretty and colourful sunrise. Transitioning layers of pink, orange, peach,  yellow and blue were all overlaid with a silvery glow from the sun’s radiating rays. As the day glowed brighter, the moon retreated into the shadows of purplish hues, which was also a delight to behold. There was a chilling breeze this morning, but not enough to send the high-flying flags that hang on top of Walmart ruffling away proudly.

Dinner with FamiLIM

It is a privilege for us to be able to meet up with FamiLIM one last time before we depart. We wondered when will we see each other again, and will it be in Calgary or in Singapore the next time we greet and hug…


It was very gracious of them to offer coming over to our Spruce home for dinner, in view of baby E’s sleeping time aka “cranky time”! But I have to point out that baby E was so patient tonight, allowing us to all have our share of good food and fun times chit-chattering away.

We ordered Thai food from Chili Club Thai House along 17th Avenue SW. The food was appetisingly mouth-watering and spicy hot that it sent us sniffing away with runny noses.

Chili Club Thai House

We had a great time of fellowship, and shared with each other where our future directions currently point to. It was a real blessing to have been brought to Calgary and for us to get to know FamiLIM.

What further touched my heart was to receive a special hand-written card from Gloria and Crystal! Crystal also baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for us. The thoughtful girl specially baked another set that has our initials too! How lovely! Although it was a short 1 year that we got to know each other, this 1 year was made much sweeter and more enjoyable with these genuine and caring girls. Awww… Words can’t describe how much I love them! It is an honour to have them as sisters-in-Christ.

The dinner ended on a sweet note with a delicious Chocolate Satin Cake bought from Safeway. Then J showed them and explained through the boxes of “goodies” we have especially selected and packed for FamiLIM. We are very thankful that these goodies were handed down to them, for we know they are good stewards of what God provides. It was a pity that Mark, the birthday boy couldn’t join us for this dinner and fellowship because he is in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Candid shots with FamiLIM

Gotta imagine Mark is in these pictures too! We certainly miss him! Baby E is just like Mark, born in Calgary, AB, Canada. They are each other’s fellow Calgarian, albeit 22 years in age difference. Hee!


As we walked along the path towards Chili Club Thai House to collect the take-away food for tonight’s dinner, when I looked back, the beautiful colours of twilight seemed to be dancing in the dusking sky. The beauty of its Creator is eminent. Again, it was cloudless. We have yet to see cloudless skies such as these in Singapore or Penang. We know we will be missing Calgary lots and lots.


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