Long Walks and Farewell to my Dear Canadian Friend

These last few days were so precious to us, I didn’t want to waste any of it. God has been ever faithful and gracious to bless us with great weather leading up till today, enabling us to fully enjoy our last few days in Canada

I took baby E on board the C-train to 3rd Street, where we alighted. Started our aimless carefree walk around downtown, passing areas and landmarks that evoke tear-jerking moments and memories. It was a beautiful day decorated with wispy cirrus clouds, giving the Bow River its mysteriously pretty dark turquoise colour.

We walked and walked and walked without an end in mind. I was led to the River Walk, where I decided I should just walk home from there, seeing that baby E was so peacefully sleeping in her stroller, snugged comfortably in her favourite pink bear suit (which we dubbed the “bunny”, given by Aunty Vernice from Singapore) and under her favourite fleece blanket (given by Aunty Maggie from Montreal).

The River Walk linked up with the Bow River Pathway with scenic views of the city and the Bow River to boast. It was a great pity I left the camera at home, and my trusty iPhone had went flat early in our walk due to the cold temperatures. We stopped twice to feed baby E, once in a park near Downtown Kerby West, on a bench along the Bow River Pathway, the other was within the Westbrook Mall, just outside the Liquor Depot store where J frequently buys his wines from.

The impromptu walk took us near to 2 hours long along the almost 10 km route. When we finally reached home, I was famished! Chomped down the 2 juicy BBQ roast chicken legs I bought from Safeway. I thought that was the best meal I’ve ever had!

Farewell Connie Riley

Connie dropped by to see us one last time. Thank God we came back before her visit! She gave me an exquisite bohemian scarf that she made herself! It was then I realised she has been making these scarves as a side business. How resourceful she is!

Throughout the one year we’ve lived in Spruce, Connie and I have became close friends. She would come in to help us clean and tidy up the place fortnightly. Our place would be spick and span every time Connie comes by.

Apart from our usual chinfest, we were privileged to share with each other our testimonies and faith in Christ. From the time Connie (and her husband) first picked us up from Calgary Airport, till this last day that I had seen her, Connie had been a great confidante, with a genuine and  delicate spirit, tears often well up in her blue eyes as she shared her stories. Today was no exception, tears were shed as we hugged and bade farewell to each other for the very last time. Our friendship is cherished and blessed. After all, Connie had been there for me since I was 7 weeks pregnant. She had seen me through my pregnancy, from a 50 kg lass the day we arrived in Calgary, who dropped to 47 kg during those days of morning sickness, till I ballooned into a 61 kg hippo just before delivery. And now, baby E is already out of my womb and growing consistently.

Connie carrying 6 day old baby EUp till today, baby E is 4 months and 16 days old that she will last see her old friend, Aunty Connie who loves her so much and calls her, her precious little angel.

Connie loves baby E

Connie, we will always remember you in our prayers, and treasure the memories we shared in this phase of our lives.

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