Snowing and Reading

It was forecasted to be sunny throughout this entire week, until the forecast changed just yesterday. Instead of the sun icon, I am seeing a snowflake on my iPhone weather app for today. It was in the wee hours of the morning when the first snowflakes arrived. They came in one at a time, tentatively and sparse at first, small perfect flakes riding in the wind. Now they are flowing by en masse, and the bare patches of ground left by the January thaw are already filled in with white. I am thankful that God, in His grace, granted us to experience snowing one last time before we leave Canada tomorrow.

Today was also the last time baby E and I visited the Calgary Public Library at Shaganappi. We had a long chat with the friendly librarian whom we already got to know in person by now. Till date, baby E and I have borrowed and read 117 books from this library, since 6 November 2013 when she was one day short of being 2 months old, and weighed 4.822 kg and measured 58 cm tall then.

Last visit to the library

Both J and I enjoy reading to baby E, because she is mostly attentive and appears interested in listening to us and studying the colourful illustrations pictured in the books. We recognise that it’s never too early to start reading to our child. Jim Trelease, long-time read-aloud expert and author of the Read Aloud Handbook, says newborns will enjoy a good book, too, so it certainly can’t hurt to start sooner. Experts further assure that the more we speak directly to our child, the better it is for her growth and development. Regardless of your child’s age, reading provides an opportunity for cuddling and socialising that both baby and parent can appreciate.

Her 1st book

We would love to think that baby E enjoys the twice-daily reading sessions too, for the bonding that these interactive sessions foster between us and her. She may not understand what we are reading, but we are certain she enjoys the exclusive one-on-one time and attention we give to her.

I have always enjoyed bringing her to the library by strolling her there in her pram. It was to me, another form of bonding between us. There were days when it was impossible to use the pram on pavements that were covered with thick slush of ice and snow, particularly after heavy snowing. But that didn’t stop me from bringing her to the library. I simply switched to the Snugli baby carrier and carried her there, wading through the slush in my trusted heavy-duty boots. It is that sweet smile on her face that compels me to do anything for her. Trudging through the snow is really nothing.

Joyful in the library

For as long as baby E enjoys the time we spend while reading and learning together, I’ll be there for her.

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