Last Day in Canada – Till Later!

Today is our last day in Calgary, AB, Canada. It was a poignant moment of  anguish in what had been a relishing year of jubilation as I reminisce about the good times spent in fantabulous Canada. It had been a great blessing for us to have experienced Canada in the way God had intended us to have.

We have had so many beautiful memories throughout all 4 seasons. The most memorable season for me is winter because of the love-hate relationship I have with it. Love it for its pure-white beauty, hate it for its cold snaps and short days. I like autumn too for its milder temperatures albeit still in the sub-zero range, as well as it’s glorious colours of red, orange and yellow. For Jacob, the season he likes most is summer because he doesn’t like to be cold! While being pregnant then, and now a nursing mother, I had been and still is a “hot” babe, in that I am always feeling so warm!! So, I love the cold climate! That is also when i get to dress up baby E in her fuchsia parka while I don my brown one! The following pictures were taken in Laggan’s Mountain Bakery and Delicatessen in Samson Mall Village, Lake Louise, where we had their beef pot-pie, shepherd’s pie, sausage roll, etc. They were yummy comfort food to chomp down on a cold day!


As we packed and cleared the apartment, we couldn’t help but felt so sad that we were leaving Calgary. In God’s perfect timing, He gave us a healthy and beautiful child. Then He brought us here to experience a simple and contented life that is peaceful and in every way beautiful, all the while nurturing her within my womb and hemmed her in, protecting her from all elements as she continued to grow within me while I ballooned up till I birthed her in autumn. We are not the only ones who have so much memories deposited into our memory banks, when baby E grows up, and looks back at all the precious photos we have taken of her and the many firsts she had experienced here in Calgary, she will realise those moments that she cannot remember now, are significant memories worth cherishing.

Bye Bye to Baby E’s first bath tub

It is a pity we couldn’t take her ergonomic bath tub along with us… She could sit so well in it and enjoyed her bath time whenever she was in it…

Baby E in her 1st bath tub

Bye Bye to the Cowboy Hat

We will never forget the great time we had with the Hulbert family at Calgary Stampede 2013. To remind baby E that she was born in Alberta, Dr John Hulbert said we must take a picture of her wearing a cowboy hat. We left the hat on the kitchen counter for our friend Connie Riley before we vacated the apartment.

Bye Bye Spruce Place

One last picture on the comfy couch before we go! Sob…

Family last day in Canada

After we closed the door to 77-2103 one last time, we slid the key underneath the door as instructed by Connie. We had 4 check-in luggages, and 4 carry-on hand luggages (including baby E’s 2-piece pram). J had me go into the elevator with 4 luggages and the pram with baby E inside, while he managed the rest himself in another elevator.

To YYC Airport

It was very kind of Philip and Adeline Chan to come pick us up to the airport. We took some time loading all the luggages into their CRV, trying all sorts of configurations to try fitting in everything! Phew! We ended up with the wheels of the pram jutting out in between me and Adeline who were seated behind. Lol! Before heading to the airport, we drove to the nearby Goodwill Donation Centre (which is on the way) to drop off baby E’s bath tub and a large bag of giveaways. Nonetheless, thank God we arrived just in time at YYC airport to check in at the self-help kiosk because we couldn’t check in online the day before. When we arrived, Ps Eddy was already there waiting to bid farewell to us. Thanks to him for the following photos taken at the airport while we were busy checking in the luggages at the counter.

Farewells in the airport

First Flight to Narita via Air Canada 009

I was a little worried about baby E having to take such a long and tedious flight, furthermore, it was her very first flight. Although there were times when she seemed inconsolable on the flight (as expected), we simply took turns to walk her up and down the aisle as she settlesd and calmed herself down. The rest of the flight was smooth and easy as she latched on and slept through till we reached NRT airport in the afternoon. Time left us wondering where it went because we never saw the evening of 23 January 2014 and the morning of 24 January 2014 as our plane flew-crossed the “International Date Line” resulting in 24 hours being added, advancing the calendar date by one day.

A fresh-faced baby E at NRT transit lounge.

As we had 6 hours to spare in NRT, we booked a day room to nap for 3 hours and to shower and freshen up before our next flight back home. We had our usual ramen from one of the stores in Terminal 1, level 3 before the nap. We became hungry again after napping and decided to try the Japanese restaurant Tatsu for its beef udon and curry pork cutlet. Here’s a photo of jet-lagged mommy and baby with large portions of food waiting to nourish us.

Jetlagged in Tatsu@NRT

Second Flight Back Home via SQ11

The final flight home, baby E slept well in the bassinet, occasionally waking up for feeds and diaper changing. God was very good and gracious to gift her to us as our blessed baby.

Baby E slept in SQ Bassinet

“My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: He shall preserve thy soul. The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” (Psalm 121:2-3, 7-8)

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