Surprise Visit!

25 January 2014, Saturday

After we touched down in Singapore, the first food we had at 3:30 am in Changi Airport Terminal 3 was Heavenly Wang’s Kaya Toast set and a plate of Mee Rebus! We settled upon Heavenly Wang because Ya Kun was closed for cleaning.

Because of the number of luggages we had, plus the baby’s pram, we could only hire a 7-seater Maxi cab. Nonetheless, we were happy to reach home at a serviced apartment. We had planned to zone out for the whole day, trying to rest as much as possible. However, jet lag got the better of us, left us wide-eyed since we reached home at 5:00 am. We decided to go to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a walk-a-jog before the sun shone it’s first rays on the island of Singapore.

26 January 2014, Sunday

I’ve told my parents we would only be back from Canada on the 3rd day of Lunar New Year, because J and I had conceived a surprise reunion visit for my family. To ensure its success, I had to rope in my brother’s help to make sure that my mother stayed at home while my father remained unknowing of our return.

In the end, we all ended up at our family “Zi Char” stall, where my father and 二姑 work. This store was passed down from my paternal grandmother, and till present, my father and 二姑 are still manning it, dishing out plates and bowls of delicious food to their regular customers. I remembered I helped out too by clearing tables at the stall when I was a child, and collecting $5.00 as my “salary”! Hee!

My brother’s fiancée was also here in Singapore for a short visit, and today was the first time we finally met each other! We have skyped and whatsapp’d each other, and were looking forward to this day when we could finally meet and hug!

Reunion after 1 year

Today was also the first time my family and baby E met. She is very blessed, for they all love her so much!

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