Kaffeeklatsch Sessions with Friends Part 1

In view of us probably leaving for London in a month’s time, many meet ups with friends were arranged, to catch up on lost times while we were away in Canada for the past year. Of course, my dear friends were also all eager to meet the new addition to my family – Baby E!

09 February 2014

The first on my list to meet up was V and her beautiful 9-month old daughter, baby C. V and I are of the same age, and now, our daughters too – just 4 months apart! I remembered we had wished that we would both have a baby together in the same year some years ago in Dome Café in Dempsey Hill. I thank God and praise Him for allowing our hearts’ desire to be fulfilled. Having known V for about 8 years by now, although we had only worked together for a short period of time, we still kept in close contact till now because of the close friendship we share. We could talk about anything and everything under the sky without being judged by each other. V was also my Matron of Honour during my wedding, while I was her emcee at her wedding solemnisation.

12 February 2014

Upon knowing our return to Singapore from Canada, R had been keen to meet up! As she was free on certain mornings before her workday commences, we managed to meet up at Robert Timms one morning. To my surprise, she brought her #2 along! Her 1+ yo daughter S, just like her #1, was sociable and engaging. Time whizzed by quickly, with R sharing on her parenting skills as she engaged with S simultaneously. I was mainly listening in while baby E was either feeding on me or napping! Hee! I really appreciate R’s enthusiasm to meet up, for she was pregnant with her #3, working full-time and had to send her #2 home before she returned to Orchard for work that day. If there is a trophy for “SuperMom”, it must be awarded to R!

13 February 2014

I had a most wonderful time with WY, my bestie from Secondary School, we had such a great time together that day we actually forgot to take photos for remembrance. WY was my makeup artist and hairstylist on my wedding day, and she certainly dolled me up for the occasion! For her wedding, I was her bridesmaid, who helped her get dressed and to be on time for her ceremonies.

We met from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm that day, joyfully conversing non-stop and also laughing away oft-times. We caught up with each other on lost times, while I shared with her the prolific experiences I had in Canada, and she gave me a slice of her life in Singapore. If she didn’t have another appointment and I didn’t have to go back to my Mum’s house that day, I think we would have happily carried on our meeting till late.

Baby E was so comfortable and jovial around WY, she must have liked her a lot, often beaming widely at this bestie of mine, who frequently titillates baby E to laughter. Worried about us for wanting to attempt Singapore’s public transport with baby E’s travel-system (stroller with car-seat attached), WY took time and effort to escort us all the way home, before rushing off for her 2nd appointment on that day! God bless her kind and genuine soul. This is a sister to keep.

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