Kaffeeklatsch Sessions with Friends Part II

Knowing that our feet will not be treading on Singapore ground for long, more meetings with friends were arranged once they knew we were back from Canada. At the moment, we were still set to go to London, hopefully by early March, taking into account all the necessary processing of travel documents, baby E’s registration for Singapore citizenship by descent, endorsement of her Canadian passport, etc.

15 February 2014

Meet the prodigy baker – SQ! also known as my 小妹 (small sister as she is 7 years younger than me!). It was a most pleasant meet-up at Paul Bakery in Takashimaya. It had been more than a long year since we last met and poured out our hearts to each other in Starbucks@Rochester Park in December 2012. SQ was also my bridesmaid on my wedding day. She was excited and tickled pink to see baby E for the very first time. We’ll be meeting her again soon! Oh! Have I mentioned? her home-baked green tea madeleines were so tantalizing we finished all of them in 2 days flat!

18 February 2014

Meet my beautiful, wealthy yet preciously humble friend – Princess C! and her two darlings. Yes, she’s a mother of two little ones but still looking young and gorgeous. Knowing that it could be inconvenient to get out of my neighbourhood and that I’m still breastfeeding baby E, thoughtful Princess C kindly offered to drop by our apartment for a house visit instead of meeting outside.

Her baby daughter’s name also starts with E, so this day was the day when the 2 babies E met! Although my baby E is 6 weeks older, Princess C’s baby E is surely bigger in size and heavier in weight too. It was very amusing to see her baby E cooing non-stop for awhile, followed by her fighting sleep shortly after. Kekeke! We ordered Oishii Pizza delivery for our lunch, and the most excited person in the house was her 2 yo boy T! He was walking around, singing and just being endearingly adorable!

22 February 2014

SC, is my dearest sister-in-Christ. She was my bridesmaid, and also the mandarin emcee for my wedding banquet. More than a close friend, she is really a sister-in-Christ whom I am most blessed to have. Again, good times roll on fast, in a blink of an eye, our 3-hr catching-up session at my apartment was wrapped up reluctantly, leaving remains of much more to talk about, enough for the making of a sequel. In the midst of joy and chatter, we forgot to take pictures for remembrance.

The following photos were taken after SC left for her next appointment. She got us gifts – Poggle the Bunny for baby E, and a nursing comfort balm for me. Yes! She is very thoughtful and such an unexpected sweet gesture was enough to melt our hearts!

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