Tingkat Delivery – Hong Choo Catering Services

Following the end of the 10-day trial of Tingkat Delivery from Kim’s Kitchen (KK), we ordered a 10-day trial from Hong Choo Catering Services (HC). This time, we are very happy with the food, and will highly recommend to anyone who is hunting for tingkat meal delivery services.

The food was still piping hot when HC arrived at our doorstep. Out of the 10 days, KK delivered at least 2 dishes that were most likely already spoilt due to the funny vinegarish-sourish taste they had when we ate them. Unlike KK, HC also provides food that is of higher cost and quality. We have had 6 fish dishes, and all tasted great! Although HC does not provide a menu schedule in advance, we find ourselves looking forward to receiving its food delivery every single day, in the hope of being surprised by what we get. And till now, we have not been disappointed yet. Every weekday dinner was a pleasant meal!

The following shows what we had for the past 10 weekdays:

HC #1

Day 1

  1. Braised Fish in Soy Bean Sauce
  2. Steamed Egg
  3. Curry Vegetables
  4. ABC Soup

HC #2 Day 2

  1. Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts
  2. Fish Cakes
  3. Braised Chicken with Peanuts
  4. Herbal Soup with Pork Ribs

HC #3 Day 3

  1. Stir-Fried Bok Choy
  2. Fried Fish in Soy Sauce
  3. Omelette
  4. Chicken and Snow Fungus Soup

HC #4

After trying 3 days of 3 Dishes + 1 Soup meal, we wanted to try their 4 Dishes too, HC gladly accommodated to our request, and promptly delivered 4 dishes the next day. We liked that HC is very flexible and accommodating. KK did not allow us to do that for the trial period!

Day 4

  1. Stir-Fried Cai Xin
  2. Egg Beancurd with Celery
  3. Rolled Tau Kee
  4. Rendang Pork Slices

HC #5 Day 5

  1. Fried Chicken Wings
  2. Fried Fish in Soy Bean Sauce
  3. Stewed Mushrooms
  4. Stir-Fried Bok Choy

HC #6 Day 6

  1. Stir-Fried Spinach with Ikan Bilis
  2. Omelette
  3. Ngoh Hiang
  4. Sweet & Sour Pork

HC #7 Day 7

  1. Braised Chicken
  2. Assam Fish
  3. Stir-Fried Cabbage
  4. Spring Rolls

HC #8 Day 8

  1. Seafood Roll
  2. Stewed Cauliflower
  3. Herbal Chicken Mid-joints
  4. Steamed Minced Meat

We miss having soup as part of our meal, and HC caters tasty and nutritious soups, so we decided to switch back to 3 Dishes + 1 Soup for the final 2 days. HC #9 Day 9

  1. Sweet & Sour Fish
  2. Stir-Fried Pork with Leek
  3. Loh Han Chye
  4. Egg and Vermicelli Soup

HC #10 Day 10

  1. Chinese Cabbage Stir-Fry
  2. Braised chicken Mid-Joints
  3. Fried Fish in SoyBean Sauce
  4. Lotus Root and Peanut Soup with Pork Ribs

The above was of 2 pax portion, and displayed both their “3 Dishes + 1 Soup” and “4 Dishes” options. The 10-day trial from HC cost us $110 nett, and is more economic than KK which cost $118.77 for the same offer.

In conclusion, we will continue our tingkat meal delivery service from Hong Choo Catering Services for the following reasons:

  • Food taste and variety suit our taste buds
  • No MSG or a negligible amount of it was used in their food
  • Love their fish dishes – Fresh and Tasty
  • Soups were tasty
  • Food was still hot when delivered at doorstep
  • Reasonable and affordable price
  • Delivers lunch too
  • Friendly and accommodating management and service

They do have some misses too:

  • Portions were substantial during trial, but when we started ordering for 3-pax, the portions have been about the same as their 2-pax trial.
  • Fish dishes for 3-pax have been the same amount as their 2-pax trial.
  • Used to be able to cancel meal delivery on same-day if we informed before 9:00 am, now we were told to inform 2 days in advance!?! Nonetheless, they still accept if we inform at least 1 day in advance.

We pay $290 for 3-pax portions plus rice for 2-pax. The breakdown is $270 for all the dishes for 3-pax, and $20 for a packet of white rice for 2-pax.

Hong Choo Catering Services Tel: 6858 3170 http://www.hongchoo.com.sg

New update on 22 August 2014:

We have been enjoying dinner delivery from Hong Choo for more than 5 months now. For the past 10 days, we ordered a 10-day trial from a different caterer – Hilltop Dinner Delivery (山顶晚餐外卖). You may read our new blogpost on our 10-day trial with Hilltop Dinner Delivery, and our conclusion of it here: http://wp.me/p48223-Nv

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47 Responses to Tingkat Delivery – Hong Choo Catering Services

  1. Sam Han says:

    Good to hear that this caterer worked out better than the last. Nice to know that none or negligible amount of msg used.

  2. Annie Xiao says:

    I need the dinner delivery for my son 10 years old. Please contact me. 91085967

  3. Annie Xiao says:

    I need the dinner delivery for my son 10 years old. Please contact me 91085967.

  4. Michelle Disha says:

    Hi! I was wondering if the leftover food will still be good to consume for the following day? Since I am on diet, I want to part the meal into dinner and next day’s lunch. Thanks 🙂

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi Michelle! My husband and I have been ordering their 3 pax portion after the trial period, because we keep one portion for my next day’s lunch. ☺️ Some dishes like beancurd usually don’t keep well. But we have no problems with other dishes. Hope that helps!!

      • Michelle Disha says:

        Very well then, that does help! So nothing much smells slimy the day after, right?
        Thanks a lot for your reply 😀

      • cykrebecca says:

        If u keep well in the fridge, shld be no problems! So far we do not hv any tummy troubles!

      • Dear Ms cykrebecca,
        I’m sorry for bothering you once again about the catering service. But I really do not know whom to depend to. Both the customer service and the delivery guy always seemed rushy when being asked questions, according to my experience.
        So today was my second day receiving catering from Hong Choo and I’ve quite enjoyed the food. The questions are, how do I extend the catering service for the next period? Should I call them in advance? Do they keep my data and will ask me whether I want to continue on at the last day? Shall I be keeping the receipt?

        I will be very glad to see your answers! Cheers x

      • cykrebecca says:

        Hi Michelle!

        You can just call them after the 10-day trial and tell them you would like to continue! According to my experience, Hong Choo will continue to deliver dinner to you month after month unless you call them and let them know you would like to stop catering from them. Hope that helps!

      • Dear Ms cykrebecca,
        I’m sorry for bothering you once again about the catering service, but I really do not know who else to depend upon. Both the customer service and the driver always seemed rushy when being called/asked, according to my experience.
        Today was my second day receiving Hong Choo food, and I’ve quite enjoyed them.
        The questions are, how will I be able to extend the service for next period? Will the delivery guy know which day I’m on every day, or should I call them in advance?
        Also, I lost my receipt. Is that okay? I hope they keep each customer’s data?

        I will be glad to see your answers! Cheers x

  5. Stephanie says:

    The pictures you posted is for how many pax?

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi Stephanie! Thank you for dropping by at JREmembrance! The 10-day trial was for 2 pax. However, after converting to 3 pax when the trial period lapsed, we find that the portions is not relatively more than what was given during the trial period. Hope that helps!

  6. So how will the payment be made? Will they ask for it or should I remember myself to pay on the first day of next period?:)

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hong Choo will place their billing invoice inside the delivery packet together with the packets of food. U can write a cheque or pay cash (whichever method u used to pay for the trial period) and pass it to their driver. Hope that helps!

      P.S.: You can call them directly and enquire, that’s how I had all my questions answered ☺️

  7. mamalaie says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    good tat u show pics of the food. the fish and other dishes looked quite good. thinking of ordering from them

  8. Phay says:

    If I choose 4 days a week, they only allow another 2 days’ replacement but I prefer unlimited.

  9. belinda says:

    this is really helpful , thank you for the detailed blog! I’m 4 months pregnant and am sick of eating out everyday. It’s too salty and the food is laden with MSG, so its really nice to know that there is little or no MSG used here. i guess the only draw back is that i need to plan when i’m home or not home for dinner so i can inform them in advance. may i ask, how much did you pay for 10 day trial, and must we use plastic? Tingkat will be more environmental friendly!

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi Belinda! Thank you for dropping by JREmembrance! Congratulations to ur pregnancy! We paid $110 for the 10 day trial meant for 2 pax. I remembered them saying they have converted to use all plastic containers now. Although there was once, they delivered the food in tingkat! U can probably ask them if u can choose tingkat instead? I supposed it will be slightly cheaper too! ☺️

  10. k says:

    I found hong Choo cheating me. How they can auto renew the food delivery without inform the me. Now they ask me pay for the food that I didn’t order. I will not order from them again!!

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi k,

      Thank you for dropping by JREmembrance! I’m sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with Hong Choo. To be fair, for all the catering companies we have tried, it is stated or they would inform their customers that food delivery auto-renews unless we call to inform them at least 3 days in advance. This is a rather common policy. I hope you will find your ideal catering company eventually!

  11. cest moi says:

    Many thanks for your kind recommendation! 🙂

  12. Audris says:

    Poor service from hong choo. Disappointed in catering their tingkat. Timing aren’t fix. Sometimes 7pm, sometimes 5pm. When call them for a reason, they either say new driver or new customers. So old customers aren’t important. Sigh. Poor service…

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi Audris,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed with Hong Choo. Our dinner was also delivered late last Friday on 12 Sept 2014. Called them to verify and found out their long term driver is no longer with them. Hence, the new driver needed orientation time to be familiar with the road maps and delivery service time. To be fair to Hong Choo, they did apologise and asked for our understanding.

  13. kk says:

    Recently we order a 10 days trial dinner($100) from Hong Choo, Their foods are horrible see already no appetite to eat. we just try for 4 days and really can’t make it. We call to cancel it even cannot be refund. The foods are always cold when rec’v, if the food hang outside more than 1 hours sure got at least 1-2 dishes will spoil cannot eat. Anyway just to share my bad experience here.

    • cykrebecca says:

      Dear kk,

      Thank you for dropping by JREmembrance! We are sorry to read that you have had such a bad experience with Hong Choo. We hope you will find a suitable caterer that can cater to your needs for dinner delivery. God bless.

  14. Nick Schrock says:

    When summer comes upon us, there is often time for many garden parties, where people meet in cozy layer for something good to eat. If you choose to order a menu as food out of the house, it is important to take into account who you have invited, if everyone likes the same, or whether you need to order something special for each of the characters.It avoids you by ordering a buffet where everyone can take what they like and let the other be – so it is also flexible to order food out of the house. You can order your green food out of the house and it may be a menu or a buffet you choose – http://www.billiggas.dk

  15. Veron says:

    I am their long term customer and I feel that their food standard dropped and even portion reduced significantly. When I first ordered from them around Nov 2013, their food looks and taste good unlike now. The worst thing is they have no daily menu and their food is always the same few dishes. I am thinking of switching to another tingkat company next month.

  16. Jessica says:

    Through your post I decided to try Hong Choo. Seriously food so so and when even though I requested for 4days delivery, they sent 5 days and I paid for 5days. When I finally call them 1 month later to ensure they change to 4 days. the uncle who picks up keep tell me off that some people says 4 days but never confirm…he went on for 5mins. And I told him I am not the some body, I called to order 4 days but receive 5days. And even though I have made a payment for 5days I told him to deliver 4days since I do not want to waste food. He got angry and told me off is it he cannot talk. Such service…

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Jessica! Thank you for dropping by JREmembrance! We are sorry to hear what you have went through.. To be fair to Hong Choo, I supposed it’s down to individual taste preference with regards to food? Also, we remain very happy with their service, which has always been consistently great and accommodating.

  17. kerisu says:

    Hi, I’m keen in this tingkat service however the website doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Wonder do u know has their website changed?

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi Kerisu! Thank you very much for dropping by JREmembrance! We see that the website is no longer working. Perhaps you should call them directly to indicate your interest or for your enquiries.

  18. Gelene says:

    Hi ! Are you still ordering from them? Has their food and portion improved after feedback?

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Gelene! Thank you very much for dropping by JREmembrance! As regular customers, we do receive a bigger portion of our favorite dishes occasionally. And I did notice they have added new items recently. I believe they take feedback seriously.☺️

  19. SK says:

    Hi, tks for sharing ur experience. May I know if you are still ordering from Hong Choo and still a satisfied customer?

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello SK! Yes we are still with them! They still deliver to our house everyday, although we must say we maybe switching to 3 day week Coz I’m cooking more thaws days, because our child is older now and is easier to manage.. ☺️

  20. Wendy says:

    Hi cykrebecca, what time do they deliver to your place?
    I used their service when I was at my old house and they came ard 6pm which was a good timing but after I shifted, they have to deliver at 4pm for the area I’m staying now! That’s too early as we normally only eat at 7 or 7.30pm. My children only reach home ard 6.30 or 7 after school so we can’t eat early. And food should be consumed within 4hrs after cooked. Imagine if they were to deliver at 4 that means food are cook by around 3 or 3.30 so that they can pack. So at 7, it’ll be almost 4hrs.
    That’s why for almost a yr (10 months to be exact), I’ll have to pack food from hawker center or cook after work!! Very tired now….. am thinking of getting ting Kat again. Hong Choo is good other then the timing. Any other recommendation?

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Wendy,

      Thank you for dropping by JREmembrance! We are very sorry for the late reply!

      They deliver to our place at around 5 pm, sometimes a little earlier. We do have dinner early so we have no qualms about that. We have also tried Jessie’s, but they deliver at 3+ pm, and by the time we had our dinner around 5 – 6 pm, sometimes the food has turned a little sour. Moreover, we did not like the food as much as we do for Hong Choo.

      You can keep the food in the refrigerator till you are ready to consume. Just heat it up in the microwave and dinner is ready! 😉


  21. Mei says:

    tried hong choo and get fried food every day. 1 miserable fish for 3 pax. Even had sausages as one of the dishes. So disappointing!

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Mei! I’m sorry you caught them at a wrong time. We had received chicken dishes with chicken soup and some fried items over the past 3 weeks. Called them and was informed they had some problems with pork supply. But they did replace with more fish dishes during the period. As usual, we love their vegetables. Latest update: their problem is solved and we hope u’ll begin to enjoy some delicious pork dishes from them if u’re still ordering HC!

  22. Chris says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Are you still ordering from HC now ?

    Any recent feedback on their foods as I wish to start ordering from HC soon 🙂


    • cykrebecca says:

      Hello Chris, we are still ordering from HC and still loving their consistent food. They had some problems with pork supply recently, resulting in no pork dishes for about 3 weeks, but we were informed today that it’s been solved! And we did receive corn soup with pork ribs tonight. 😅

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for your kind reply. I would probably opt out for Pork, spicy food and no pineapple as my wife is pregnant. 🙂

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