My Extended Maternity Leave… Heh!

Many friends have asked me what do I do with my baby everyday since I became a SAHM (abbreviation for Stay At Home Mum)… Baby E and I have developed a routine which changes accordingly on a daily basis depending on our moods for the day…

Some days, we will enjoy our morning walks in the Singapore Botanic Gardens…

Singapore Botanic Gardens

… where we would walk different routes on different days…

SBG in the morning

… we have more than once bumped into volunteers who are serving in OMF – caring for the children of missionaries and bringing them for excursions around Singapore… God bless these volunteers and the children, watching over them, and protecting them as they venture around the island.

OMF group in SBG

Some other days, the shuttle bus from our serviced apartment will drop us at Liat Towers, we will then walk along Orchard Road before it gets crowded towards noon…

Orchard Boulevard

There are also days when we will revel in the cool morning breeze that brushes off our skins as we walked 7 km from Napier Road to Raffles City Shopping Centre, where we would stop for a feed in it’s attractively-designed Baby Room…

Orchard Boulevard

Some days, we’ll visit the Central Library for a good read and to borrow books for Baby E… This is the entrance into “My Tree House” – the Children’s Section within the library.

Entrance to Children's Section

We love the Tree House for its ample space, the vibrant colours and the myriad of children and parenting books. I can imagine such a huge space would still be crowded during the weekends as what the librarian told me. Thus, it is good that we come during weekdays to share the facility with a handful of others, and to get undivided assistance from the librarians if we do need any.

Within the Children's Treehouse

The above activities pretty much keep us busy in the daytime, not including squeezing in my lunchtime, our bath time, and Baby E’s 4 naps each day, playing with her, and reading to her!

As evening approaches, we’ll go for an evening walk around the estate. This is also the time when it gets pretty windy which we both love about the area.

Of course, by the time we get home, we’ll see J coming home too, and Baby E will get her “Daddy time” as J winds down in the comfort of a clean home, have his dinner, and enjoy interacting with Baby E. We would typically ask each other, “How was your day?”, which always sparks off a seemingly endless conversation, usually interrupted by baby’s needs – mostly when she begins to fight sleepiness… Heh…

Staying at this current serviced apartment also exposed us to meeting expat wives and their children. Till date, Baby E and I have got to know several friends from different countries – We are closest to Jenny, a British who loves Baby E so much! Ingrid and her 4+ yo daughter, Xanlea, who are from South Africa, Irene and 5+ month old Tobey from Italy, 2 Japanese mothers with their toddlers, and an Australian family who just moved in! They are really friendly and we sometimes do bump into each other in the gardens and would share about parenting, breastfeeding, baby gyms and playhouses, etc. We hope to meet and get to know more friends during our short-term stay here.

We will probably wait till Baby E is older before I’ll bring her to weekday morning baby gyms. The interesting part is there are so many good ones in Singapore, we can take our time to try them and decide on one or two that prove to be really beneficial. Looking forward!!

So, these are the things Baby E and I do on weekdays, every day. I appreciate this golden opportunity to stay in a serviced apartment to profit from such a unique experience i.e. Living life like an expat wife in my very own home country. It is indeed a remarkable experience that we treasure and will remember for a long time. To note also that this is Baby E’s 2nd home.

I look forward to going back to work soon, but at the present moment, this extended maternity leave has been such a wonderful blessing to me and my baby, which we both are enjoying every moment of it, for now.. =)

Treasure Today

Today is a Gift because Today is also given to us as the “Present”.

O’ LORD, teach us to treasure each day, for it is You who grants us sustenance till present. May we use each day wisely with grateful thanks, having the courage to respond to Your calling and prompting, to bless Your Name on High, and to glorify You. Amen.

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