Girls Visit Part II

It had been raining the past few days this week, rendering the sidewalks still damp this morning. As Baby E and I were enjoying the dawning breeze that kissed our faces where we stood on our balcony, I was hoping that the cerulean sky above me would nudge out those cumulonimbus clouds looming at a distance away. Nonetheless, we enjoyed listening to the tweets and trills that greet us every morning.

Today, we had pretty visitors again! Baby E and I were still napping when I received a message that says they were already outside our door! It was very thoughtful of them to not ring the doorbell, lest they awakened Baby E. Even so, as I tried to get out of bed to answer the door, the light sleeper awoke. Hence, I carried the sleepyhead along to greet YL and JW who came by to visit us!

YL was so eager to carry Baby E – it was barely 5 min upon her entering the house, Baby E was already in her safe arms! 🙂

Baby E in YL's arms

The girls quickly learned that Baby E made a fetish of anything that is strappy or wiry… Keke!

After her catnap, Baby E was in the mood to entertain with her contagious radiant smiles. It took no time to have everyone in the house laughing and relishing the cheerful fun moments with this little heart-stealer.

Baby E in her make-shift play pen

May The Lord bless her with a heart that is after God’s own heart.

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