The Ngs – Birthday Surprise and Big Reunion

A lovely friend of ours, R, had planned a surprise birthday party for her beloved husband, S, inviting all his close friends to celebrate this very special day for him. We are very honoured to be a part of this! A selfless wife and mother of two clever girls (third one on the way), R orchestrated the entire party with her wits, and with the help of their sporting friends who were more than eager and excited to surprise S. As a result, the party was a swell!

Surprise party for S

It wasn’t just the adults who had a great time catching up with one other…

The men

… our little ones seem to be the happiest, especially the older kiddos…

Heh! The babies pretty much enjoyed themselves too!

The babies

What a blessing to have friends as such, with our children in all about the same age group. Many thanks to R for organizing this surprise birthday party for S, not only did we all felt young again (during the “SURPRISE!” when S stepped in the door – like we were back in our high school days), we all had the opportunity to gather together again like the good ol’ times before any of us got married… Awww… PRICELESS.

Here’s to the lovely Ng family… Blessed Birthday S!

Ng Family

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