A Long-Awaited Meeting

Early next day after we arrived in Penang, following a refreshing morning walk up Pearl Hill with J and Baby E, how better to continue the morning with, and what blessing to have Aunty SP came by mid-morning to pick up Baby E and I for a tea session at Dôme Café in Straits Quay. We enjoyed the moist and tasteful quiche that came with a colourful side of salad that is almost too beautiful to eat. Aunty SP had a latte while I had ginger tea. As for Baby E, she was elated!

Baby E at Dôme Café

In life, there are some people who make you smile brighter, live life fuller, and love more than what’s in your capacity. Aunty SP is such a person. But more to that, she is a nurturer, an encourager, a woman of inspiring influence as well as a mother of excellence, a prayerful and blessed lady filled with meekness and gentleness, who is always ready to bless others and point them to the Blesser – The Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God and will remain grateful to Him for bringing Aunty SP into my life to guide me and enrich my spiritual walk with The Lord.

Aunty SP with us

Though the session was short, it was laced with lots of love and sweetened with her presence and caring personality. Surely, there will be many more such meetings to come, only wish they could be longer to allow us time to catch up as well as to pray together.

Rarely will there be a gift receiver who is as thoughtful, considerate, and appreciative. Upon opening up the gift box at home and seeing what I’ve specially chosen for her, Aunty SP texted me and thought of how difficult it must have been for me to lug the items all the way through the airport, on top of all our luggage which also included Baby E’s numerous belongings. Also, she even thought of how did I manage to go shop for and to carry such heavy items with Baby E in tow, along with all her paraphernalia. Yes! Aunty SP is one such thoughtful angel! She unknowingly made me felt like I was inconvenienced, but truly, it was love that made all things possible and there was absolutely zero sense of the slightest inconvenience, if any! I didn’t even felt it was a burden! All I felt was pure excitement and great enthusiasm to hand the gift over to its rightful owner!

Gift for Aunty SP

This was a picture of the gift she texted me, letting me know she had sent the photo to one of her sons in Melbourne, sharing her joy with him. How sweet!

O’ Lord! I come before Thine throne of grace, to ask that Thou may keep Thy blessings upon Aunty SP. May Thou continue to shine Thine face upon her, finding favour in all that she does for You. And to all people whom Thou hast placed in her paths, let her be the salt and the light that shine, that according to Thine Holy will, they may in essence see You, and be drawn to the Truth proclaimed in Thy Word. Please continue to guide her in what You have called her to do, and may You grant her strength and support to persevere till the end.

O’ God, my dear Heavenly Father, I do acknowledge, having her as a sister is a privilege. Thank You so much for bringing her into my life as my guide, my guardian, inspiring me to be a better child of Yours.

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One Response to A Long-Awaited Meeting

  1. Carol says:

    My Dear Rebecca,

    Thanking God that He has blessed you with a friend like Aunty SP.

    Love, Mum. Sent from my iPad

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