Penang – Joyous Birthday Celebration Across 3 Generations

We had planned for this trip to Penang months ago! It had been many years since mother and son celebrated their birthdays together, as mum’s birthday is just 1 day before J’s. =)

Birthday cakes together

The cakes above were from Sunflower bakery. Jacob had requested to have the original kueh lapis as his birthday cake, while mum chose the almond kueh lapis to be hers. They are both very satisfyingly tasty!

It was a great blessing to be able to celebrate their birthdays together as a family. By God’s grace, Baby E’s 7 month birthday is one day after J’s, so it was really pricelessly felicitous for the 3 generations to be pictured enjoying their birthday cakes together.

Family photos

We arrived on 3rd April (Thursday) night at 8:30 pm. Mum and Dad took us to Gurney Drive and Kafe GoodAll for supper, where we bought Assam Laksa, Oyster Omelette and Soya Beancurd with brown sugar, Beef Kway Teow soup and Duck Drumstick Mee Sua. It was a supper feast!

The next day (04 April, Friday) early morning, J and I woke early to walk and jog up Pearl Hill, taking Baby E along with us in her pram. The air was fresh and crisp, the sky had not a wisp of cloud in sight, birds were tweeting, leaves were rustling… It was a blissful morning that preceded a wonderful day ahead.

For Mum’s birthday celebration, we had a BBQ dinner buffet at the Three Sixtyº Revolving Restaurant. Nestled on the top floor of the Bayview Hotel in Penang, and boasting its panoramic view of Georgetown, this dining venue features the one and only revolving restaurant and the first roof top bar (known as Sky Bar) in Penang.

360 Revolving Restaurant

The Revolving Restaurant offers a reasonable buffet spread of Penang food fare everyday, except on Fridays, where the buffet menu takes a change to feature on BBQ items instead.

360 Revolving Restaurant

It was a sumptuous candle-lit dinner, we all had our fill not merely from the plethora of good food, but also the restaurant’s romantic ambience, it’s panoramic view, and most importantly, each other’s company as we celebrated Mum’s blessed birthday together as a family.

Family photo

The next day (05 April, Saturday), Dad and Mum brought us to eat our favourite beef Kway Teow soup and crispy oyster omelette, upon J’s request. It is in our opinion, the best duo in Penang! We also had fresh nutmeg juice as our beverage. Yum-meh!

By evening, we celebrated J’s birthday at Hollywood Restaurant, located by the main road and along the picturesque beach of Tanjung Bungah. Touted as a restaurant that serves heritage authentic Hainanese food and seafood delight, coupled with its rich history (of how it became a restaurant from a cafe back in 1945), we were excited to indulge our taste buds in its wonderful cuisine amidst the sounds of slapping waves and the subtle scents of the sea breeze.

Authentic Hainanese food

We ordered their specials (left to right from top down): Hainan Dark Soya Fragrant Prawns, Chun Piah, Hainan Mix Vegetables, Curry Kapitan Chicken, Hainan Style Steam Fish and Roasted Hainan Lamb. Hmmm… I am craving for its Chun Piah and Roasted Lamb as I’m writing… Slurp!

Family photo at Hollywood Restaurant on J's Birthday

Halfway through the meal, heavy rain poured down, making tumultuous spit-splattering sounds on the zinc roof over our heads! It was quite a sensational experience for a modern Singaporean like me, considering also the nostalgic atmosphere and furnishings of the restaurant. After dinner, we went to Tesco to do some last minute grocery shopping before we rested for the final night in Penang.

Early next morning (06 April, Sunday i.e. J’s actual birthday), we worshipped The Lord at Georgetown Baptist Church. After worship service, we had the opportunity to meet and fellowship with several members of our parents’ friends, who are by far, a part of our spiritual family too.

After church, we had lunch with Uncle Mike, Aunty Pek Har, Gu Ma and Gu Zheong at Maple Palace. It was the best! best! meal we had during this trip to Penang. Then we went back home to savour the bird nest that Mum double-boiled for us! Life just can’t get better! We are truly blessed.

Mum with her bird nest

O’ Lord God! Thank You for blessing us with the best mum in the world we can ever have! May You bless mum with many more years to come, with great measure of Your joy, love and peace in her life. Thank You for the miracles You have performed in her life, of which she has witnessed, and did not refrain from sharing with us all the wondrous works that You have done. Please continue to bless her with courage and strength to propagate Your goodness, for the furtherance of Thine Kingdom on earth. Help us to be obedient and filial children to her, honouring her and loving her always. We pray these in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. Carol says:

    It was absolutely a very treasured moment for me to celebrate with Jacob’s birthday. Thanks for coming home. Love you all . Mum

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