In Search for the Best Chocolate Cake in Singapore

For S’s surprise birthday party last Sunday, we volunteered to help R get the birthday cake for S, and found out that S is a chocolate fanatic. This set me off in search for the best chocolate cake in Singapore, that is worthy for the occasion.

The following cakes were those that I have tried before and the reviews are solely from my own opinion. The prices quoted are as of the day this blogpost is posted.

  • Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch by Pastry Palette in Conrad Centennial Singapore

Chocolate Royal Hazelnut Crunch

This cake uses Grand Cru chocolate that is set on a crunchy hazelnut base. As a result, the great texture contrast creates a crunchy mouthfeel amidst its very chocolatey-hazelnutty flavour. The different layers within the cake give a good balance in sweetness and texture. No wonder it is the signature cake of Conrad Centennial Singapore. A 1 kg whole cake costs $61.00.

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 4/5

  • Pure by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Pure chocolate cake by Laurent Bernard

“Pure”, as it is aptly named, is densely packed with purely chocolate from top to base. A slice of this cake will set you back at $10.50, although it also comes in the form of a one pax portion mini cake. Made with Chuao, a rare variety of chocolate from Venezuela, this long finish dessert is a delight for dark chocolate purists. A 1 kg whole cake costs $118.00.

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 5/5

  • Coco Exotic by St. Leaven or Four Leaves

Coco exotic

This cake, although from a local bakery, is nonetheless a delectable treat for chocoholics. Filled with generous layers of light chocolate mousse in between layers of chocolate sponge and crunchy hazelnut flakes, it is further topped with a reasonable amount of chocolate ganache. For merely $3.80 a slice or $38.00 for a 1 kg whole cake, I’d say to chocolate fanatics who are looking for a cheap fix to their chocolate craves, “Have your cake and eat it too!”

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 4.5/5

  • Le Royale by Canelé

Le Royale by Canelé

It isn’t as pretty as it used to look, no more decorations, no more distinctive layers within the cake. However, what is lacking in appearance, is made up and excused by its rich chocolate taste profile. Le Royale uses luscious Vanini chocolate mousse layered between a crispy chocolate praline & opulent Gianduja cream, surrounded by a wall of shiny dark chocolate glaze. The 1 kg whole cake ($72.00) comes in a whimsical design and is certainly a chocolate indulgence that is adorned with crushed hazelnuts, although the cake slice selling at $8.00 per piece does not come with any crushed hazelnuts.

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 4/5

  • Equator by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

This chocolate cake is composed of 2 alternating layers of chocolate ganache and chocolate sponge. Priced at $8.50 a slice or $85.00 for a 1 kg whole cake, this delightful cake is less dense while tasting lighter and airier than its “Pure” cousin, that is created by the same chocolatier. Perfect for those who love their chocolates but didn’t want to feel like they have instantly gained extra inches around their waists, after finishing the entire slice of it.

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 3/5

  • Super Stacked Chocolate Cake by Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate

This “super stacked” cake is stacked with thin, neat, alternating layers of dark chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate fudge. Although touted as a richer and thicker version than their original “All Chocolate” cake, it did not taste chocolatey enough for me, it was pretty dry and lacked the richness of a good chocolate cake, that is meant to satisfy a chocolate craving. Priced at $7.50 per 100 grams, this cake is a far cry from those listed above. Totally not worth it!

Chocolate Oomph Rating: 1/5

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