New Milestone – Crawling Backwards / Moms Bible Study Fellowship

I brought Baby E to Moms Bible Study Fellowship at Zion Bible-Presbyterian Church this afternoon. It was encouraging to meet other mothers who also have little babies and toddlers. Baby E was the only baby there today, because Cheryl did not bring along her 4 month old baby, but she brought along her 3 yo son though!

We are currently studying on the gospel of Matthew. Today was our first time attending, and the session was on Matthew 12, led by Aunty Judy. The group of moms and children meet every alternate Thursday at 1:00 pm in the Judah room. We also had lunch together in the fellowship hall at 12:30 pm, brought to us by Linh and Ps Ong.

The study was edifying and the sharing between the mothers were inspiring and encouraging. After the study, Cheryl collated our petitions and forwarded to everyone on whatsapp, including those who couldn’t attend today’s session.

During the study, Baby E started crawling backwards on the surface where I’ve placed her on, amusing everyone who were present. She was 7 months and 3 days old. The following is a snapshot of her back-crawling taken a day after…


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3 Responses to New Milestone – Crawling Backwards / Moms Bible Study Fellowship

  1. Carol says:

    Haha, Elizabeth’s show time. She must be thrilled to see everyone amused by her action:))

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  2. Awesome article, thanks for sharing !!

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