Baby E’s Immunisation

Like a lamb

This picture was taken this morning, on our way to Baby E’s immunisation. She looked just like an innocent little lamb being led for slaughter. Awww… Those eyes… and tucking in her lower lips…

When we first returned to Singapore, one of our priorities is to get Baby E immunised on schedule. The first and only vaccination she got in Calgary, AB, Canada was when she was near 3 months old. She was jabbed thrice into her thighs during that visit, the 3 vaccines that were given then were:

  1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio
  2. Meningococcal Conjugate
  3. Pneumococcal Conjugate

Moreover, we came back from the dry and frigid wintry Calgary (-30ºC) to humid and warm summery Singapore (+30ºC), the weather change was rather unbearable. I must admit I felt a little apprehensive having to go to a polyclinic for Baby E’s immunisation, thinking that no number of ceiling fans would suffice. Instead of multiple rows of ceiling fans and wall-mounted fans as seen in Hougang Polyclinic, I was impressed with the fully air-conditioned facility in Clementi Polyclinic, which also has a clean and conducive nursing room to boot!

Clementi Polyclinic

This visit was the third time we were here for Baby E’s vaccination. The first time was on 04 February 2014, when Baby E was vaccinated for the following when she was near 5 months old.

  1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio and Haemophilia Influenza Type B (5-in-1 vaccine) dose 2
  2. Hepatitis B dose 1

*Baby E received the HiB dose 1 which is included in the 5-in-1.

The second visit was on 07 March 2014 for the following vaccinations:

  1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio and Haemophilia Influenza Type B (5-in-1 vaccine) dose 3
  2. Hepatitis B dose 2

Baby E received the HiB dose 2 on this visit.

If you are a parent yourself, you’ll know that Baby E is really behind the recommended vaccination schedule for her age. Here is a reference guide showing the recommended vaccination schedule for babies in Singapore and Baby E’s vaccination records.

Baby E's vaccination record

During this third visit, Baby E received just one jab. She cried for only 2 seconds and stopped crying when I carried her.

  1. Pneumococcal (aka Prevenar or PCV) dose 2

This was her joyfully chuckling away while we waited during the 15-min period post-injection.

After injection!

 Next visit will be in June, when Baby E turns 9 months old! She will be tested on her hearing. And sometime in between, we’ll book her for her BCG injection as well.

Although Baby E has been and is still behind schedule, she has never been sick since she was born, despite going around tasting everything that is within her reach. J thinks it must be because of the breastfeeding that has helped protect Baby E!

Thank you LORD for watching over our little one and shielding her from nasty germs that could make her sick! May You continue to bless her with great health!

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