10 for Keeps

Today is another brand new day! A day that fills us with life and energy to make the most out of the time given to us by the Holy One. Thank God for sustaining us till this day, and may He be pleased to continue showering us with His loving care for all the days of our lives.

Early this morning, I took Baby E to Holland Village to meet Shereen, the owner of JEDPacks! (http://jedpacks.com) It was a pleasure and honour to meet this amiable entrepreneur, who created JEDPacks and named it after her 3 children and for her love of bags. We chatted for quite some time, and covered topics on breastfeeding, kindergarten, pediatric ophthalmology, etc.

The photos above were taken after the meeting, and I was amused to see how relaxed Baby E was! We went on to the Central Library at Victoria Street and chanced upon an exhibition at the Level 1 foyer within its premise. Titled “10 for Keeps: Memories to Cherish”, the National Library Board jumps on the bandwagon of the Singapore Memory Project by showcasing this unique exhibition that aims to make fleeting memories that are close to our hearts, last a lifetime.

10 for Keeps contribution table

Close to a total of 600 captioned photographs are featured in this exhibition that serves as an avenue for the capture and documentation of significant milestones in the lives of Singaporeans, as well as of personal items from the past that hold special meaning to the contributors, who are ordinary Singaporeans.

10 for Keeps exhibition 1

This exhibition is interesting in many ways in that it evokes nostalgia and motivates me to continue blogging as my own way to chronicle cherished memories, and the growth milestones of Baby E. One day, when we look back, we will remember the events that were important in each phase of our lives.

10 for Keeps exhibition 2

More to that, I like that the “10 for Keeps” exhibition also gives us a glimpse into the lives of our fellow Singaporeans, and how Singaporeans are so diverse, yet we are, at the same time, relatively connected to each other.

10 for Keeps exhibition 3

This exhibition is being showcased within the Central Library and runs till 25 May 2014.

“We live out new memories, with the passing of everyday. Most are fleeting, while some remain close to our hearts. These memories anchor our lives. More importantly, they are for keeps, to cherish. Instead of letting them slip away, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate these milestones and preserve our 10 most precious moments.”

10 for Keeps

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2 Responses to 10 for Keeps

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Rebecca, I have checked out Jedpacks. Interesting crafts and Just wonder where they got their stuffs imported from? Thinking about some of our China ladies’s crafts…

    Love, Mum

    Sent from my iPad

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