New Milestone – Hello/Bye Bye

Baby E waving

Baby E started waving hello/bye bye at 7 months +29 days old. She turns 8 months old tomorrow! How time flies!

I have posted the video of the above milestone on Instagram and Facebook. By the way, for you guys who are observant, you must have spotted the leftover piece of papaya below her lower lip? Heh! She ate chunks of papaya this evening. The both of us finished eating one half of a papaya together. I think she loves it!

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2 Responses to New Milestone – Hello/Bye Bye

  1. that’s very advance for her age!!!

    • cykrebecca says:

      Hi JMIDM!!! So glad to know that you have established your own blog site! Love your first post already!!! Regarding Baby E, we’re not even sure when do babies usually start waving!! I thought we should chronicle it as a remembrance.. to set as a milestone guide for our future babies, if God is willing to grant us more children!!

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