My 1st Mother’s Day Celebration!

With love

J was out since early morning to do his ward rounds with his team. He returned home with my favourite box of salted bean biscuits from Mr Bean, along with a lovely stalk of carnation for me! These made my day and I was literally happy as a clam, jumping and clapping away in a joyful manner.

I love you J, for supporting me in every way, and appreciating what I am doing for our family. May The Lord bless you always, to be a blessing to all whom He has placed in your path. You have made my very first Mother’s Day very special in its own way.

Blessed Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers-to-be!!!

Blessed mother's day


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4 Responses to My 1st Mother’s Day Celebration!

  1. Irene Marx says:

    Happy belated first Mother’s Day, Rebecca!

  2. What a wonderful blessing. And how blessed you all are.

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