VA’s 6-week Visit in Singapore

My brother’s fiancé, VA has arrived safely in Singapore from San Francisco, USA today!! I’m excited because I’ve always wanted to know her better. Now’s the chance because she will be here for a good 6 weeks!

I always tell my beloved brother how blessed he is to have found such a lovely girl. VA is beautiful not just in her outward appearance, she is also a very kind, sweet, intelligent and understanding person despite her tender age.

Always ready to help others, sometimes I wonder if she is Wonder Woman “reincarnated”! although I don’t believe in reincarnation at all. This trip here to Singapore also marks the occasion for my brother and her to start preparing for their wedding that is to be held next year. Among everyone who is happy for them, I think I’m the most enthusiastic in wanting to be involved in helping them get their wedding organized. Hee! Thrilled!!!

A million thanks to VA for helping us lugged back about 10 kg of loot that we bought from, which included tons of good stuff! There are Baby E’s board books…

Board books for Baby E

… Baby E’s walker-trainer and a shape sorter toy bag…

… Boxes of health foods (Chia seeds, Buckwheat groats and sliced almonds), Harissa paste and a premium garlic crusher for our kitchen.

Just want to shout a loud THANK YOU to you, VA! for being so sweet! Baby E and I are already looking forward to seeing you again! We are thankful that God sent us an angel like you!

VA playing with Baby E

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2 Responses to VA’s 6-week Visit in Singapore

  1. VA says:

    Everytime Ber and I see something cute–everywhere we go–we always tell each other that Baby E would love this! I’m looking forward to the next time I fly here again so I can bring her more goodies!
    PS. I’m growing more attached to you and the bond that we have!

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