Reunion with a Long-Lost Friend!

Reunion with A

Stoked was the word to describe how I felt when I knew Angeline is coming to Singapore. Not only did I get the chance to meet up with this long-lost friend of mine today, Baby E and I were also blessed to meet-and-greet, as well as dine together with her husband, Daniel, and her very adorable 11 month old son, Nicholas!

The Harper family

Although the meeting was brief, it was meaningful and memorable. We met at Uniqlo in Plaza Singapura, where the beautiful Australian couple picked up some apparel. Then we adjourned to Tim Ho Wan for a light lunch, to which Dan proclaimed its “Har Gow” is the best he had ever tasted! By the way, it was hilarious when Angeline told me Dan pronounces “Har Gow” as “Hair Grow”! Heh! All of us laughed hard at that one!

Tim Ho Wan menu

In the midst of feeding our babies with Tim Ho Wan’s yummies, we still managed to catch up on lost times. Time flies whenever you’re having fun! At least we’re consoled by the fact that we’ll get to meet each other once a year, when the Harper family comes to visit Singapore again. By then, we would probably be running around chasing our babies who would have grown substantially! Heh! Looking forward to that day already!

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