Church Crèche

Baby E had a great time in church today. One minute, she was sitting down, playing with Faith and Claire together, the next minute she was pulling herself to stand by the legs of a chair. Then off she went again, crawling towards Micah, who was colouring with crayons.

The crèche is the place where we go to now, whenever we go to church to worship The Lord on The Lord’s Day. Zion Bible-Presbyterian Church has a crèche that is attached to the main sanctuary where parents together with their young children can be together in a safe and comfortable environment while allowing the parents to still be able to watch and listen to the sermon.

I find that the crèche is also a great place for children to interact with each other, regardless with children of the same age-group, or with older or younger ones. Such interactions enhance the children’s capabilities to interact with others and intelligently work their way around people and things.


We are very happy and contented for Baby E to be in such a conducive place for inquiring minds, a place for loving hearts, a place for patience and compassion, and most importantly, it is a place where God’s presence is eminent. The crèche can possibly be a place where lifelong friendships among the parents, as well as their little ones are fostered. Children learn and grow as they immerse themselves in a loving environment that helps build character and values, enhance social skills, engage curiosity and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

And we, the parents, try our best to concentrate on the sermon being preached. Nonetheless, on days when we couldn’t, due to our children’s hyperactivity, we would go online to listen to the podcast to catch up on what we have missed in God’s message. Even if it is difficult to follow the sermon while in the crèche, the fellowship with the other parents are equally as important in our spiritual growth.

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  1. Carol says:

    The little 姐姐 offering Baby E a bite of her chocolate biscuit?? So cute:))

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