MBSF 22052014

MBSF 22052014

Baby E and I are always enthusiastic to attend Moms’ Bible Study Fellowship on Thursdays. It is there where caring hearts and gentle souls coalesce. It is also there where we find encouragement and inspiration from each other to be a better wife, better mommy, better child of God.

It was very kind and generous of Linh to prepare such an awesome restaurant-worthy lunch for all of us this time round. The food fare was truly authentic Vietnamese. As I’m writing this, my round tums tums is craving for that deliciously-appetizing stock, that she ladles into our bowls of bee hoon topped with beef, beef tendons, pork belly and varied herbs like cilantro and mint. Linh also served us Gỏi cuốn (aka Vietnamese spring roll) consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, and bún (rice vermicelli), wrapped in Vietnamese bánh tráng (the translucent rice paper), served with its accompanying dipping sauce. We also had pineapple and orange as after-meal fruits.

MBSF 22052014

Following lunch, Baby A and Baby E were interacting so well with each other – sharing their toys, hugging and babbling to each other, it was most heartening and amusing to watch. During the study session, each one of us took turns to share about our current biggest challenge. From the sharing, I’ve learnt some valuable important points on parenting:

  • No one is considered an experienced mom no matter how many kids one has, simply because each child is different, and has different needs to be met.
  • God gives to you according to how much you can handle. This includes the temperaments and character of your child.
  • What works for another mom on her kid(s) does not mean it will work for yours
  • No one can teach you or talk you into how to parent your child. As you spend each day with your own flesh and blood, God will reveal to you how He wants you to love the child that He has given to you.
  • Daily devotions with your children help them to learn about and know God, recognizing their need for God to save them.
  • If you intend to discipline your child, be consistent and firm.
  • Don’t lie to your own child to gain convenience for yourself, even if it’s merely a white lie. You are following the old serpent’s scheme.
  • More is caught than taught – Be a role model. Walk the talk. Keep your promises.

O’ Lord, please grant Jacob and I wisdom to discern what You would have us do in parenting Elizabeth, knowing that we are constantly exposed to a myriad of parenting methods in this modern era. We pray that Your peace and Your holy presence will always be with us, while You continue to guide us as we take each small step forward in this parenting journey together. In the precious name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I pray this prayer. Amen.

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