Furniture Shopping

Lao Bei Jing

Blinds or curtains… Ceiling fans or chandeliers… Mini armchair, clothes hanger, dining table and chairs, laundry baskets, couch, oven… These are some of the things we are still shopping for.

After shopping around and not finding what we like, we stopped to rest our feet and to have a quick bite at Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura. It’s been a while since we had delicate food like those that were served in this Chinese restaurant. We enjoyed the XO dumpling (available because of the dumpling festival) the most. It was very tasty! Although it’s pricey, the fist-sized dumpling is packed with aromatic fillings. I think its worth its price. Yums! The mere thought of it had my parotid glands activated! Slurp!!

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2 Responses to Furniture Shopping

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