This Energizer Bunny is charging… When she’s fully charged, she’ll go, “Ba Ba Da Da… Hmm… Ma Ma…” – all day long… often reaching out her right hand, opened wide… Or she’ll lift both her hands up over her head – smiling, several times a day, every day.

This Energizer Bunny can’t keep still, she’ll find every opportunity to pull herself to stand, or she’ll crawl (getting faster each day) about, find something to put into her mouth, sit down to gnaw at it, throw it away, then carry on to find something else…

This Energizer Bunny wants a piece of everything that I’m holding, regardless if it’s edible or inedible. When it comes to food, instead of eating hers, she’ll rather open her mouth when she sees the food that I offered her comes from my bowl or plate instead of hers.

This Energizer Bunny is currently charging… just like a battery, her power goes flat towards the end of the day, usually at about 8:30 pm. Today, upon reaching home from our morning walk with VA, after a bubbly bath, she slept for 4 hrs straight from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm! Woke up to play with J, then fell asleep again at 8:30 pm. Whenever she’s sleeping, I’d miss her wakeful times, and wished she’s awake; but whenever she’s awake, I’d miss times like this when she’s sound asleep. What a dilemma…

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3 Responses to Charging

  1. Carol says:

    Hello 宝贝:)

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  2. karsilia says:

    what a long nap!!!!!!! haha…good for u! my energizer bunny sleep so little that i thought he has an insomnia hahahah

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