Blessed 9 month old Birthday!

9 month old birthday

Praise the Lord, our God for blessing Baby E! We celebrated her 9 mo birthday at Lao Beijing (老北京食堂) @ Novena Square. To add to all the blessings that God has showered upon our dear 宝贝, today was also the day Mum arrived in Singapore for a short stay with us!

Along with Mum’s arrival came loads of goodies from Penang! There were about 20 烧包 made by Aunty CS and Uncle KG; 2 rolls of 咸豆沙饼 and 2 rounds of Yew’s layers cake from Aunty SP; and two 1 kg packs of Milo, 1 block of kueh lapis from Sunflower Bakery, packs of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and assorted fruits from Mum herself. Besides food, Mum also bought very pretty new clothes for Baby E!

Look Mama! New clothes from Grandma!

Look Mama! New clothes from Grandma!

Awww… We are spoilt with that much food and lots of love from Penang! Because of them, we have experienced the love of God. The Lord bless them all, always.

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