Guest Writer for SAGG – June 2014 Issue

I was thrilled and thankful when I first received an invitation request from Irene Marx, the Executive Editor of the Singapore Art Gallery Guide (SAGG), to be a guest writer for their June issue! The SAGG is the first and most comprehensive guide to the art and cultural institutions of Singapore, that is committed in making the Arts in Singapore a more enriching experience. The monthly publication in the form of a booklet offers comprehensive information about the visual arts, art galleries, performance centres, artists, exhibitions, etc. SAGG enjoys a readership of more than 15,000 fine art collectors, influential art critics, government and private sponsors of the arts, as well as international visitors seeking an enriching experience in our city’s museums and galleries. It is an absolute honour to have excerpts of my blogpost on “In the Name of Art” ( featured in the current June 2014 issue of SAGG.

Contributors page in SAGG - June issue

Contributors page in SAGG – June issue

On page 6 of the June issue of SAGG, we can find the profile pictures of its contributors and a brief description of each one of them. And there is where we found our little picture of Baby E and me!

Our article can be found on pages 40 – 43 of the guide.

Besides being able to read it on the actual hard copy of the SAGG, one can find the article on SAGG’s website as well, by clicking the following link:

Full article on SAGG'S website

Full article on SAGG’S website

It was also very kind of Irene to send us a copy of the current issue of SAGG to our residential address, allowing us to keep the copy as a precious momento.

We love Art! and certainly look forward to contributing more reviews in the future, as we continue to explore and appreciate the different art forms and their diversity. We are extremely thankful and blessed to be given this opportunity to contribute to the society in this way via the means of expressing our viewpoint through blogging, while at the same time, enjoying ourselves as we cruise around Singapore spending quality time together. The most rewarding part of this cherished memory is, J is proud of us!

The original blogpost “In the Name of Art” can be found here:

And the sequel of our review on the ongoing exhibition “Unearthed”, currently held in the Singapore Art Museum can be read here:

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6 Responses to Guest Writer for SAGG – June 2014 Issue

  1. What an honour…how special.

  2. karsilia says:


  3. I am so happy to have come across your blog online. You are not just a great (guest) writer, but also a lovely person. I am looking forward to cooperate with you on many more occasions!

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