Fun Times with Daddy and 嬷嬷

Father’s Day came early for J since it is his very first one! As there were still many things that we needed for our new home from different stores, and in order to kill many birds with one stone, Vivo City was our destination for tonight’s advance celebration, since all (if not most) of the stores can be found there.

Waraku Vivo

To beat the crowd, we went straight for dinner at Waraku which was located in the Sky Park of Vivo City. Big hugs to Mum who thoughtfully and kindly offered to carry Baby E out of Waraku for a walk so that J and I could enjoy a little couple time, as well as to tastefully savour the sumptuous spread of Japanese food we ordered that day. Thank you Mum!!!

Mum came back to tell us how much Baby E enjoyed kicking the water outside in the play area, as she observed how delightful other children were whilst they play in and with the water. We didn’t want Baby E to miss out on this fun moments, thus, J brought her there after dinner to play together!

Baby E had such great fun with her daddy this evening! She was gleefully beaming with joy as J carried her high up towards the infinite sky, then next minute drop his arms down towards the waving water below, allowing her to kick it! Just watching them so happily enjoying each other created a feeling of peaceful exuberance and thankfulness within me.

It was a wonderful start to a very blessed Father’s Day (tomorrow)!

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