Blessed Father’s Day

Blessed Father’s Day to my beloved J! Today was his very first Father’s Day! We started our day full of joy and gladness in the house of The Lord. Baby E met many of her friends in the crèche. There was 10 mo Faith, 9 mo Bernice, 9.5 mo Mikaela, 6 mo Asher and 3 yo Isaac! She had a most wonderful time interacting and socializing, crawling from one end of the room to the other end. It was Mum’s first time worshipping in Zion BPC. The very first time she entered Zion was on our wedding day on 17 Sept 2011. After almost 3 years, Mum was back here in Zion again.

Punggol Waterway Park 2

In the evening, we drove to Sengkang Riverside Park for walk-a-jog along the park connectors towards Punggol Waterway Park. It was our first time walking and jogging there, and we did welcome the refreshing change in views from what we normally see in Gardens by the Bay and the city landscape.

Panoramic view of Punggol Waterway Park

Here, it does remind us of the Bow River Pathway in Calgary, AB, Canada, just that it is not as impressive as what Canada has to offer in terms of the weather, white snow, frozen rivers, wildlife, etc. In fact, the outing here made me miss Canada even more!! especially as I carried Baby E, our Canadian baby along some parts of the route we took today.

Our Sunday was made better furthermore as we adjourned to Cedele @ Greenwich for a healthy dinner consisting of soups, salad, baked seabass, pasta, etc. It was a perfect ending to a most blessed Father’s Day.

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