Suits! Gowns! and Elmo!!

Elmo 1

Our sweetie pie with Elmo balloon!

We went to Di Gio Bridal Studio today to meet my brother and VA! As we waited for VA to choose her wedding gowns, we also had the luxury to watch the bride-to-be emerge from the fitting room several times, wearing gowns of various designs and colours! What an eye feast! since VA is an eye candy herself. πŸ™‚

After confirming her indoor and outdoor gowns from both levels 2 and 4 within the Di Gio shophouse, we proceeded to choose my brother’s groom suits on level 3! Not that I want to praise him, but my brother is suave. Period.

Elmo 2

As we waited for him to decide on the suits, VA found an Elmo balloon within the studio for Baby E! What a sweet and thoughtful gesture! Elmo since then became Baby E’s new toy for the day. Haha!

J came to pick us up after work and off we went to Maxwell Food Market where we bought snacks from Ho Kee Pau and θ€δΌ΄θ±†θŠ± home for Mum to try. Yummy!

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