3.5 Makes Great Company

3.5 makes great company

My brother and VA came over to our house today! VA brought along her camera to snap plenty good shots of Baby E! We were delighted to have them over, playing with and stimulating her, spending quality time with us. And what good timing they chose – J would be back home late today, but how time slipped away when we all have such fun cheery moments! In the blink of an eye, more than half a day (12:30 pm – 6:00 pm) was gone!

Baby E had so much fun with Bernard and VA, they were moments worth cherishing. It was a pity I didn’t capture enough photos that day, I’ll have to wait for VA to send me some when she’s done editing hers! The following are some shots of Baby E enjoying her astronaut somersaults crafted by my brother. Lol! It wasn’t only Baby E who was elated, Bernard himself couldn’t stop chuckling too! Hahaha!

As we watched them walked away along Akyab Road hand-in-hand, we couldn’t help missing them. Just like in movies, Baby E and I stood there watching and waiting, for them to turn around to say bye again. However, neither of them did… heh! These 2 lovebirds needed their precious time back for each other. ❤

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