Milo-Soaked Cream Crackers

Milo soaked cream crackers

My kind of food delicacy. My after-meal dessert. My everyday go-to comfort food. My food craving.


  • Milo Powder, enough to fill half of the cup
  • Condensed Milk, one-third of the amount of milo powder used
  • Boiling Water, to fill three-quarter of cup
  • Hup Seng Cream Crackers


  1. Pour boiling water into cup that contains the milo powder and condensed milk. I like my milo drink thick and sweet, so I will fill the cup with just enough water to dissolve both the powder and milk.
  2. I used to dip my crackers into the hot milo and bite off the soaked part. Now, I would break the crackers into quarters and dump all into the drink, using my stirring spoon to scoop them up and eat them.
  3. Enjoy finishing your remaining milo!
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4 Responses to Milo-Soaked Cream Crackers

  1. rachelchan31 says:

    sounds yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rachel says:

    Heys Rebecca,
    This may not be the best place to say this, but it is a sheer delight to have chanced upon and read your God centred and sweet warm-hearted words in your blog! Refreshingly different and uniquely encouraging in a truly down to earth and wholesome way.
    Thank the Lord for you!

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