Belated Father’s Day Dinner for my Dad

Father's Day

It was my father who taught me how to tie a necktie, I got acquainted with ties when I became a Prefect in primary and later the Head Prefect and Top student in my secondary school. He was proud of me, nevertheless that it was he who inspired me to do my very best in everything I do, regardless it was studies, dancing, gymnastics, sports, hobbies, etc. I had only one aim – to make him proud!

I remembered the days when he would carry me back to my bed when I dozed off on the living room floor while watching TV. I would even pretend that I dozed off so that my Dad would carry me in. There was once when I absent-mindedly left my diary on his car roof before he drove us back home, only to reach home 30 min later to realise the diary must have flew off the roof and landed somewhere. My Dad drove me all the way back to where we left off (Bukit Ho Swee) and we backtracked along the route we took till we found the diary stranded on the road shoulder of the tunnel that connects to the CTE expressway. He retrieved it back for me and I was so touched! It was near midnight when this happened.

We finally found a day where everyone was free to celebrate Father’s Day for my Dad. Every year, we would gather to have a reunion meal together, this year was extra special because VA was with us, and there was Baby E too! Instead of paying extra for the commercialized Father’s Day hype in Singapore, we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at a coffeeshop near my parent’s place in Serangoon North, recommended by my brother. 2 thumbs up!! Affordable unpretentious good food!

Yummy food on Father's Day

Clockwise from top left: Curry Fish Head, Venison on Hot Plate, Tofu, egg and mixed vegetables in special sauce, Salted Egg Yolk Prawns, Yam Ring

My father had always been there for me whenever I needed him. He is a father who is very responsible and involves himself in the family but never being nosey or in the face of anyone. I have a lot of respect for him and love him very much! I thank God for making me the daughter of this man. A family man sure he is, always protective and overflowing with agility, strength and wit. Made an acronym just for my Dad!

F antastic in every way

A lways there when I needed you

eaches me many things and lessons in life

andyman at his best, all the time

xpects great things from me

eady to shower his love and concern upon me, at all times

It has always been my heart’s desire for my father to know God, and to come to the saving knowledge and grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that his mind be open, and his heart be softened to readily receive the amazing grace of God, and believe in the Gospel. May The Lord bless my dad always.

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