Granted a Sister!

I am the only daughter of my Chew Family, I’ve always wanted a sister whom I can love and dote on, talk about everything under the sun, share clothes with, exercise as well as cook together, etc. and praise be to God! for giving me one! Not just any ordinary girl, VA is such a wonderful person, whose beauty is not only apparent in her appearance, but also flows from within her sweet kind heart that God has given her specially. During her 7-week stay in Singapore, I’ve grown to love her more each time we met!

Perfect couple

Perfect couple

My brother is so so blessed to have her – VA is such a considerate, fun, sporting, loving, sweet, gentle, intelligent girl who is always ever so ready to help 🙂 I am very thankful to God for bringing her into our lives. It is impossible to find a better one! God, in His wisdom and sovereignty has chosen VA to be the one for my brother to be his fiancé, and soon-to-be wife, and therefore my sister-in-law! This sister whom I have gained, will be one I would treasure and love, lots!

Although lacking in quantity, the quality time we got to spend together with VA, way made up for it! We have so much fond memories of her! One example was how she was trying to speak singlish with her all-American accent… It was hilarious!

Today is the day she leaves us to return to San Francisco, CA, USA. We love her so much we can’t wait to have her back again in November! Counting down already!

Family photo at T3

Family photo at T3

Before she left us, VA handed us a packet of tomato fusilli with shrimps and tofu, that she cooked herself. This was the second time she cooked pasta for us – It was very yummy and we love her recipes very much! My brother is so blessed! In the packet, I found a love note written by her for me. This sweet gesture touched my heart, it made me miss her even more… ❤

Tomato fusilli and a love note for me!

Tomato fusilli and a love note for me!

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  1. Truly blessed blissed.

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