New Milestone – Teething and Roseola

Teeth marks

Today, as I allowed Baby E to try my chocolate lollipop, she unintentionally left her first 2 teeth impression marks on the milk chocolate “mold”. Cute!! She was 9 months +21 days old.

Baby E started teething a few days back, she couldn’t sleep well and appeared to be in much discomfort and pain. I noticed her putting her index finger into her mouth and placing it on her lower gums, as if to tell me she was hurting right there! I placed my finger on where hers was and SURPRISE!! I felt two budding pearlies in her lower gum, even though they were not obviously visible yet.

Baby E became febrile for 2 – 3 days commencing from the day she lost sleep over her budding teeth. On defervescence, there was a sudden outbreak of a morbilliform rash which appeared first on her body, followed by the neck, face and upper limbs. The 3 Dr Oh-s in the family quickly suspected a diagnosis of Roseola viral infection due to the typical clinical presentation. One good thing we got out from this first episode of Baby E getting sick, was that she will gain immunity from Roseola from now on.

Hmmm… Initially we were pretty sure her fever was associated with her teething, we wonder now if there is truly a correlation between the two. There are 2 schools of thought, some paediatricians assert that symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, are probably due to an infection unrelated to teething, but that the stress associated with teething could make a child more vulnerable to infection right before a new tooth appears. Other experts believe that these symptoms are associated to teething, and that the fever could be a result of inflammation in the gums where the tooth/teeth is/are starting to erupt through. One common ground among these 2 schools of experts is that we should bring our baby to consult a doctor if she has symptoms that worry us or that her fever exceeds 38.5 ºC. For us, although we weren’t 100% confident that it was Roseola, we waited and the rash began clearing up on the 3rd day. Throughout the entire downtime, Baby E was still playful and inquisitive while awake.

We thank God and give Him praise for granting her rapid recovery and preserving her joyful nature during this period.

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