Another Fruitful Sunday

What a Sunday! I really take my hat off to J for being such a wonderful husband to me, father to Baby E, and brother to Shen. Despite being busy at work, he still finds time for us. Early this morning, he dropped us off for worship service in church, while he goes off to the hospital for his ward rounds and to review his patients whom he had operated on. He came back to fetch us home, and we tele-ordered food delivery from Yeo Keng Nam on the way back home, so that we, as well as Shen could have lunch at home, since Baby E had fallen asleep after church service.

Shen flew in this morning (and arrived at 1 am) from JFK, we were delighted to see him again since the last time we met was during our honeymoon in New Zealand back then in Sept 2011. He will be staying with us for the next 6 weeks while he does his externship in the university hospital here in Singapore… In the evening, Shen had to catch some rest when his jet-lag set in, J brought us to the Botanical Gardens for a jog! We had a very enjoyable jog through the Healing Garden as well as the new Rainforest circuit. When we circled the Swan Lake, Baby E had her 1st encounter with the beautiful and elegant white swan.

We finished off our run after rounding the amphitheater, and came to the Visitor Centre where the sounds of the trickling water serenaded us for a moment as we cooled down.

Singapore Botanical Garden

At night, Shen was craving for chicken rice, we knew exactly where to bring him to for delicious chicken rice – Wee Nam Kee @ United Square! For dinner, we had half a Hainanese white chicken, curry fish head, and Dou Miao stir fried with garlic. We shared 4 plates of chicken rice among the 3 of us, adults. Baby E had her jar of banana oat porridge, plus some chicken, rice and fish!

We are thrilled to have Shen staying with us, just hearing him share about his adventures in his recent once-in-a-lifetime trip blew us away! The pictures he showed us from his dslr camera were stunning – the Death Road in Bolivia, where he biked through; his stay in the highly exclusive private villas in Mustique, where only celebrities like Beyoncé, Kate Moss, etc. can afford; the football stadium where World Cup 2014 is being held at this moment and his experience as a spectator of the World Cup in Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil; the beautiful salt flats of Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni, which is the world’s largest salt flats; the antique train cemetery that lies 3 km outside of Uyuni, where they took pictures of the train wrecks and rail lines that were abandoned since the 1940s; and of course his interesting and captivating stories of people, dynamites, sleepovers, etc. which he concluded have all contributed to the enriching of his life and helped him gain different perspectives of various issues in life.

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  1. carol yoke Teng says:

    Yup, J is a caring person. Love him:))

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