Osaka, here we come!

After checking out from Hiiragiya ryokan, we left our luggage in their foyer again, while we ventured out across the street to have our last meal in Kyoto. And what is more deserving than the best melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu beef? Yes, we went back to Hafuu Honten for its succulent beef! This time, we ordered 2 sets of beef sirloin + 1 set of Hamburger steak! Baby E was napping, and we had time for a mini lunch date, as we enjoyed the meal and talked about the last 2 days we spent in Kyoto.

Hafuu Honten

It was mid-day when we walked out of Hafuu Honten, back towards Hiiragiya to collect our luggage. The staff at Hiiragiya helped us call for a cab, and off we went to Kyoto Station for the next leg of our journey → Osaka.

We took the Haruka Limited Express train to Tennoji, Osaka (2 stops away, 45 min) where our hotel, La Aroma, is located near to.

We reached near 2 pm and all three of us napped till 6 pm! Then off we went to Minami, Osaka (3 stops away from Tennoji to Namba). I just have to see the Glico running man again!! After all, it is seen as an icon of Osaka within Japan!

This time, I got to pose with Baby E in front of the Glico illuminated billboard! 😀

Glico running man and us!

Living up to its name for being the city’s most famous entertainment district that also offers abundant dining and shopping choices, this place comes alive every night with its thousands of neon lights that light up giant mechanized signs and billboards.


It was so crowded, we were surrounded by interesting shops and restaurants that promote Osaka’s regional cuisine → okonomiyaki and takoyaki, which we found to be in abundance around Dotonburi. Hence, we settled in a restaurant named Botejyu for their famed okonomiyaki, which they offer in various concoctions.

That night, we enjoyed ourselves and rounded off our trip to Minami with a DIY yogurt sold within the Ebisubashi Suji shopping street. Then we happily returned to our hotel and knocked out till the next morning. What bliss!

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