Trial Baking Baby E’s Birthday Cake!

All that was left of Baby E's trial birthday cake!

All that was left of Baby E’s trial birthday cake!

Baby E’s 1st birthday bash is just around the corner! As a new mommy, and an eager SAHM, with plenty of creative juice flowing through my brain centre, of course I have to attempt baking my own daughter’s first birthday cake!

Mommy, I am turning one?!

Mommy, I am turning one?!

We are organizing a very small birthday party for our little precious one, gathering a handful of close friends and immediate family to join in the joyous celebration. Most importantly, Baby E’s friends must be there! since this party is for her! and it’s all about her turning 1! and also being our number 1!

Baby E was more excited than me!

Baby E was more excited than me!

After all the nitty gritty of preparing the cakes, while they were baking in the oven, I was busy crafting away to create a number 1 template, of which I would be using to cut out the cake. I have planned to bake her a birthday cake in the form of the figure 1. Hence, I bought some card boards, measured and cut out a figure 1 template that can fit a 9 x 13 cake pan. As I was doing all these, Baby E was more excited than me when I finally finished crafting and was satisfied with the template.

My little one couldn't wait to get her hands on the cakes!

My little one couldn’t wait to get her hands on the cakes!

I baked 2 cakes so that we can have a 2-layer birthday cake. Haha! Those little hands… my little one just couldn’t wait to get her hands on the cakes! In fact, Baby E has been very involved in the preparation of her own rainbow-themed birthday party so far. Can’t share much about this yet because we don’t want to give away too much details before her actual birthday!

Her birthday cake will be a 2-layer red velvet cake covered in cream cheese frosting with rainbow chocolate candies atop. The actual appearance will be revealed on the actual day.

Baby E and her trial birthday cake

And here was the soon-to-be birthday girl with her trial birthday cake that was in its basic form. We were very glad the cake turned out very well. It was delicious, fluffy yet moist (as reported by its consumers!). I’ll share the recipes of the red velvet cake and the cream cheese frosting after the birthday party! 😉

Dear precious Lord! I want to thank You for inspiring me to do this for our baby girl whom You have so graciously given to us. Thank You so much for guiding my hands to create freely with lots of love and laughter, all the while keeping Elizabeth contented and intrigued about what her mommy was doing! Most importantly, thank You for the perfect timing to trial bake this cake today! You have blessed us by allowing us to share this cake with the extended spiritual family You have given us. In the entire process from creation to consumption, especially the delivery of the cake from Singapore to Penang with Shen being the “courier”, You have planned and timed all these perfectly, knowing full well how much we desired them to enjoy the cake, since we couldn’t have them here to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday in September. To You alone be the glory for ever and ever!!

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