100th Monthsary!

Family photo at Halia 1

How time flies! It has been a blissful 100 months since J and I first met and became a couple! We decided to celebrate this milestone of our love story back in the restaurant where we had our first dinner date 100 months ago – Halia Restaurant @ Singapore Botanic Gardens.

It was a trip down memory lane as we walked towards the Ginger Garden within the Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG), passing the waterfall where we had our wedding photos taken… We have beautiful memories together as a couple, in SBG! It was also where J took me for an early morning jog (more like a run) for the first time after we became an item! We still recall how the jog became a competitive run because J knew I am an avid runner, so he wanted me to have a first impression (in terms of sports) of him as someone fit to run with me! Haha.. Well, he succeeded, because that “jog” left me marveling to myself, “Wow, this guy is fast as the Flash!”

Beautiful decor

Halia Restaurant recently underwent a facelift. Previously known as The Halia, it draws its name from its idyllic locale within the Ginger Garden of the SBG, where over 250 species of gingers with their stunning foliage and colourful flowers thrive. Nestled amongst the lush and vibrant colours of the ginger flowers, the new and revamped Halia Restaurant now has a new extension called Villa Halia that hosts private events such as weddings and corporate functions.

Baby E and me chilling out

We were very happy to be back in Halia, not just the two of us, but with our precious little one this time, 100 months later…!

Baby E is such a precious child, we love her to bits! She has such a sweet demeanor, ever so patient with us → she sat through our dinner which took more than an hour!

Dinner stuff

(Clockwise from right)

  • We had a mocktail known as “Ginger Jive”, which consists of ice-blended fresh ginger, fruit punch, orange and honey.
  • Halia Chilli Crab, a fusion pasta dish of the signature local chilli crab tossed with spaghettini, spring onion and egg.
  • Roasted New Zealand rack of lamb marinated in Javanese spice, with ratatouille, purple potato puree and lamb jus.

JRE in Halia

We are truly blessed. That night was memorably sweet and delightful. Dinner was very tasty; ambience was relaxed and calm, right in the midst of nature; and most importantly, my dinner dates were most lovely.

Going home

After leaving Halia, it started to rain, we covered Baby E in a nursing cover as we ran towards our car that was parked quite a distance away. It added to the fun of it, as Baby E chuckled under the cover as we ran and laughed together. In a most amazing turn of events, our girl fell soundly asleep on our way home. Above is a picture of her as we walked out of the Ginger Garden, before the rain came pouring down.

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